Horizon Zero Dawn Fish Bone & Skin Farming Locations

Fish bone and skins are part of the crafting recipes in Horizon Zero Dawn. These recipes increases ammunition and outfit carry capacity. Considering that fights last longer later in the game, these upgrades are highly necessary. In this guide, we’ll show you the best Horizon Zero Dawn fish bone and skin locations, where to farm these items.

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Fish Skin and Bone Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn fish skin & bone farming

Where to find Fish Bone

To collect Fish bones and skins in Horizon Zero Dawn, you won’t need any fishing skills. If you are on the hunt for these items, you need to find a lake or river, and scan for them. They are hard to see underwater, and the easiest way to spot them is the scanning.

Now, the trouts and salmons you can hunt for are scattered around those lakes and rivers. They are extremely rare in some spots, while you can see them jumping out of the water in others.

The best location we’ve found so far is rather close to the start of the game. Northwest from the Mother’s Heart, where you start the Proving, you can find two lakes. Go to the one positioned between Hunter’s Gathering (to the east) and the Two-Teeth bandit camp (to the west). There is a bonfire just northwest from the Hunter’s Gathering.

This lake has at least eight fishes present at any time. Scan them and mark them all with the R2 button. As you can mark more than one, you can now easily shoot them with arrows. Once they are dead, the fish that drop skins will be marked blue, while the green loot icon means this fish drops a bone.

When you clear the lake of the fish, head back to the bonfire and manually or quick save. Now load the latest save. This will make sure that the lake fish respawn. You can repeat this process as many times as you like. The only downside are the level 8 Scrappers that are in the area close to the lake pier.

Tip: Fish Skin is worth 26 and Fish Bone 11 Metal shards. With the meat they drop, you can earn some serious amount of Metal Shards this way. It is not advisable though, as they are so many other better opportunities to earn metal shards.

Fish Skin & Bones Crafting Recipes

Potions Pouch Upgrade 2Increases Potions pouch capacity to 9 (+3)
  • x70 Metal Shards
  • x100 Ridge-Wood
  • x20 Blaze
  • 1x Fish Bone
Sling Ammo Pouch Upgrade 2Increases Sling ammo pouch capacity to 8 (+2)
  • x20 Metal Shards
  • x1 Fish Bone
  • x5 Fatty Meat
Sling Ammo Pouch Upgrade 3Increases Sling ammo pouch capacity to 10 (+2)
  • x125 Metal Shards
  • x1 Fish Skin
  • x1 Rat Bone
Outfit Satchel Upgrade 3Increases Outfit Inventory capacity to 20 (+3)
  • x75 Metal Shards
  • x40 Ridge-Wood
  • x2 Fish Bone
Outfit Satchel Upgrade 4Increases Outfit Inventory capacity to 35 (+4)
  • x125 Metal Shards
  • x50 Ridge-Wood
  • x1 Fish Skin
Tearblaster Ammo Pouch Upgrade 2Increases Tearblaster ammo pouch capacity to 20 (+5)
  • x20 Metal Shards
  • x1 Fish Bone
  • x5 Rich Meat
Tearblaster Ammo Pouch Upgrade 3Increases Tearblaster ammo pouch capacity to 25 (+5)
  • x125 Metal Shards
  • x1 Raccoon Bone
  • x1 Fish Skin
Ropecaster Ammo Pouch Upgrade 3Increases Ropecaster ammo pouch capacity to 25 (+5)
  • x125 Metal Shards
  • x1 Fish Bone
  • x1 Turkey Skin

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