Horizon Zero Dawn All Allies Joined Trophy - How to get all companions

All Allies Joined is one of the hidden trophies in Horizon Zero Dawn. You can unlock it by getting all optional allies to join the defense in the late game. It’s hidden from the trophy list until you unlock it, and it’s missable, so you might end up not getting it on your first playthrough. This is why you need to prepare beforehand, and we’re going to help you do it. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Horizon Zero Dawn All Allies Joined trophy.

horizon zero dawn all allies joined trophy
Horizon Zero Dawn All Allies Joined Trophy

How to get all allies in Horizon Zero Dawn

In order to get the companions to join Aloy, you’ll need to finish all 20 side quests. It’s a lot of work, but it’s the only way to get their help. You need to do it before you progress the story too much, or you’ll miss your chance. The Looming Shadow main mission is the one that triggers the achievement, if you complete all the quests. Do not pursue it before you’ve done the whole batch.

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Side quests in Horizon Zero Dawn

Here’s a complete list of side quests you need to complete in order to get this trophy:

  • Cause for Concern
  • Sunstone Rock
  • Death from the Skies
  • Heap of Trouble
  • Queen’s Gambit (thanks Luke)
  • Traitor’s Bounty
  • Insult to Injury
  • A Daughter’s Vengeance
  • Redmaw
  • Hunter’s Blind
  • Fatal Inheritance
  • A Moment’s Peace
  • Honor the Fallen
  • Robbing the Rich
  • Underequipped
  • The Forgotten
  • Ancient Armory
  • In Her Mother’s Footsteps
  • Sun and Shadow (thanks Ouroboros0427 & CWSatan)
  • Blood on Stone (thanks Larz)

If you’re going for the All Allies Joined trophy, you should always choose the dialogue options that offer help. Don’t turn away the companions, don’t be tough on them, or you might be locked out of their quests. Keep it civil and friendly, and all will be well.

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  1. C

    There is a slight error on the list. It reads “Queens bounty”, it should be “Queen’s Gambit”. Confused me for a second when I checked my completed quests list and it wasn’t there, only reason I’m saying something, is because I thought it might be a different quest by THAT NAME that I missed…. Cheers!

  2. P

    Cant get the achievement if you killed Nil right?

  3. S

    I killed Nil – and the trophy popped for me.

    1. P

      so then i have to do these side quests before i get to the main story quest or would it pop after i finish that main story quest

      1. P

        got it. had to finish the main story quest to get it

  4. K

    I followed all the heart choices, did every side quest and errand, even got every other trophy first except the game completion and all allies joined trophy. Yet it didn’t pop for me.

  5. L

    You only have 19 listed, and yet you say you need to complete 20 to get the trophy? You may have forgotten Blood on Stone.

    1. J

      Yep, they forgot Blood on Stone.

      Another misconception they failed to note, is that Guerilla themselves said that dialogue choices don’t matter. No matter how you decide to approach the conversations, it wont change the outcome nor lock you out of getting the trophy. They said the only thing that matters is the sidequests. You just have to do every single sidequest. And they said that no dialogue choices will lock you out of any sidequests. They confirmed that the game can be 100% on one playthrough.

  6. O
    Oisin Brady

    I have all side quests completed and replayed the last mission and havent gotten then trophy

  7. O

    You don’t need to complete Weapons of the Lodge. Just popped the trophy with that one being the only side quest left on the list. Which is nice. Time trials are a pain.

    Death from the Skies is the easy one to miss. You have no real reason to return to Pitchcliff after the the first time going there, and there is no green exclamation point on the map indicating a new quest. Just go there after the questline involving Dervahl, and the side-quest automatically starts.

    1. V

      I found an exclamation point for Death from the Skies. There was an injured man on the bank of the river directly south of Pitchcliff, not far from the hunting ground.

  8. N
    nicolai jensen

    A map of locations would help alot ?

  9. L

    Queen’s gambit, not queen’s bounty

  10. C

    Should be Quest: Sun and Shadow instead of Side Quest: Weapons of the Lodge

  11. D

    Ive completed all of the quests. The only thing i havent conpleted us a few data points and i didnt get the trophy to pop. What am i missing?

  12. B
    Brad Honda

    You said 20 side quests. I have 21
    1) In her mothers footprints
    2) The forgotten
    3) Ancient Armory
    4) Underequipped
    5) A daughters Vengence
    6) Insult to Injury
    7) A moments Peace
    8) Robbing the Rich
    9) Weapons of the lodge
    10) Honer the Fallen
    11) Fatel Inheritance
    12) Blood on Stone
    13) Hunters Blind
    14) Heap of trouble
    15) Sun and Shadow
    16) Sunstone Rock
    17) Death from the Skies
    18) Redmaw
    19) Cause for concern Fairwell
    20) Traiters bounty
    21) Queen Gambit

    And i still didnt get the pop?

  13. A

    I have 22 side quests completed,
    Sunstone rock
    Cause for concern
    Acquired taste
    A daughters vengence
    Institute to injury
    Death from skies
    Heap of trouble
    Sun and shadow
    Queens gambit
    Traitors bounty
    Fatal inheritance
    Red maw
    Hunters blind
    Weapons of the lodge
    Ancient armoury
    A moments peace
    Blood on stone
    Robbing the rich
    Honor the fallen
    The forgotten

    Completed the game twice but still nothing
    In her mothers footspeps

    heap of trouble

    1. A

      I made an error lol. In her mothers footsteps is the 22nd one. Forget heap of trouble down the bottom as it’s already in the list. I don’t know how to delete the comment and make another one

  14. K

    I have completed all the above and didn’t get the trophy ? It’s the one I’m missing to platinum it. So frustrating!!

    1. L

      I had the same problem if you’ve done all quests initiate the final main story line quest but before you go to sleep visit the sites and talk to everyone there’s
      There’s two missing talanah and the priest but don’t worry about those two then go back to meridian and rest before the final battle this should initiate the trophy, it worked for me, hope it works for you!

  15. L

    I have also completed everything every s8ngle side quests available aswell as main storyline basically everything and it still won’t give me this trophy

  16. T

    Just a quick note for anyone like me: you can complete the main mission without doing all the side quests, then once you have completed it and it has ‘reset’ the story back to before the last mission, go and do all the side quests and re-do the main mission. This will trigger the trophy as soon as you have slept. Whether you bother to complete the last mission again is up to you. Platinumed now so thank you for the guide!

  17. R

    I just got it I finished after you finished all the quest you have to play the Final main mission again and you will get it like me

  18. I

    I have played all the side missions and still there is to missing Elida and Namman

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