Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figure Artifact Locations - Cantarah's Reward Box

Banuk figures are a collectible in Horizon Zero Dawn. There are 3 sets, and each one consists of 2 Banuk figures. You can exchange the sets for reward boxes in Meridian, by trading with Cantarah. In this guide, we will show you how to get all Banuk figures in Horizon Zero Dawn and their locations.

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Banuk Artifact Locations Cantarah's Reward Box
Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk figure locations

Banuk Artifact Set 1 Locations

  1. Banuk Artifact: I name you – Just north from the Hunter’s Gathering settlement near Valleymeet Hunting grounds. As you climb, you will find two painted triangles on the rocky mountain. Just right from them, you will find yellow handles that you can climb. Just follow the designated route until you reach a long yellow rope. Cross it and you will find the artifact on the other end.
  2. Banuk Artifact: My Claim – It is located in the Snowy mountains east from the Devil’s Thirst Bandit Camp. As you get close to the mountains, you will find 2 wooden poles with a yellow rope connecting them. You can climb them, but you can also go around and climb up by jumping on the mountain slope. The rest is pretty straightforward, just follow the colored triangles on the mountains for direction. As soon as you get off the yellow rope, the Banuk will be waiting for you on the top.

Banuk Figure Set 2 Locations

  1. Banuk Artifact: Punishment – It is located on the north-eastern side of the map, near the Banuk Encampment. Just move to the east until you reach a rocky formation with a triangle and a painted circle on it. You will be able to climb the small ledges to the top of the rocky formation. After that, just follow the yellow ropes and painted triangles. Above the artifact is a huge triangle-shaped painting, that can be seen from far away.
  2. Banuk Artifact: I cannot confess – It is located just west from the city of Meridian, between the two sawtooth sites. You will find a long, separated rock formation, painted with triangles. It has a wooden pole on top. Move to the rock formation to the right, and climb to the top. After that, just cross the yellow rope and you will find the figure.

Set 3 Banuk Figure Artifact Locations

  1. Banuk Artifact: The Vision – located on the western side of the map, below the Sunfall settlement and Zero Dawn Alternate Entrance. There is also a corrupted zone nearby and a Broadhead site. As you get near the site, just move to the right side, towards the yellow rope that leads high and a painting with multiple triangles. After you climb up, you will easily follow the designated route, as you follow the handles and painted triangles.
  2. Banuk Artifact: Mother – It is located south of the Pitchcliff settlement, which is located in the northern side of the map. There is also a corrupted zone and a campfire nearby. It is very hard to miss, just look towards the mountains and you will see a few triangle-shaped drawings that can be seen from far away. You can easily climb just by moving to the right side, facing the sings, and just move up the mountain. Watch for the Glinthawk on the top.


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