Horizon Zero Dawn Shock Trial - Valleymeet Hunting Grounds

The Shock Trial in Valleymeet is one of the hunt trials you can complete in Horizon Zero Dawn. The goal is to stun a Bellowback with electricity and shoot off the three Blaze canisters on its underside. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Valleymeet Shock Trial in Horizon Zero Dawn & the best strategy to get Blazing Sun.

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Horizon Zero Dawn How to Complete Valleymeet Shock Hunt Trial
Horizon Zero Dawn Shock Trial Bellowback

Valleymeet Shock Trial – How to Get Blazing Sun

After you’ve talked to the Keeper and agreed to do the trial, do not go down immediately. You’ll need to prepare a few things first, and you don’t want the clock ticking down yet. For this trial, we recommend a good Sling that can shoot Shock ammo and a Sharpshot Bow with teardown arrows. If you don’t have an appropriate Sling, you can use a Shock Trap or a Tripcaster with Shock wire. This isn’t an ideal solution, but it will help in a pinch. Also, regular arrows will do if you don’t have teardowns, but it’ll take longer. Whatever you do, don’t use fire arrows. If you’re lacking anything, there’s a merchant next to the Keeper.

When you’re ready, use the rope to glide down into the hunting ground. The Bellowback is the largest robot there, but there are a couple of others that you have to be wary of. Try not to get noticed before firing the first shot, though.

Prepare your Sling with Shock ammo and shoot the Bellowback. It won’t go down from one shot, you’ll need at least two. A small blue meter will appear above the Bellowback. When it’s full, the machine will fall down, and another meter will tick down. That shows you how long the status effect will last. After it goes down, quickly run behind it. The canisters are open to damage, so take out your bow with the teardown arrows and fire. You can use your Focus to see exactly where the canisters are. They should fall off after one shot. If the Bellowback gets up before you manage to detach all three canisters, simply repeat the process until you succeed.

If you’re using regular arrows, you’ll need several shots to get a canister to fall off. In case you’re using Shock wire or traps, you’ll have to lure the Bellowback into the trap. All of this takes time, which is precious in Hunt Trials. This is why the Sling + Teardown combo works best. Once you’re done, head back to the Keeper. Don’t forget, you don’t have to kill the Bellowback, so you can run away as soon as you get all three canisters.

The medal requirements are as follows:

  • Half Sun – Complete the Trial
  • Full Sun – Complete the Trial in under two minutes
  • Blazing Sun – Complete the Trial in under one minute.

If you finish the trial with the Blazing Sun, you’ll get one Valleymeet Blazing Sun Reward Box and 17500 XP. Complete all the trials with the highest marks, and you’ll also get an additional Skill Point.

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  1. This really wirked i got it first try

  2. C

    I suspect this tactic was removed for the PC version. After shocking and two tear arrows with a fully upgraded bow form the rear, only one canister fell off. After four attempts dying every time I rage quit.

    1. S

      This is an incredibly bull**** trail on the hardest difficulty setting. I expected it to be hard but first you have to incapacitate it, then you have to remove the armour plate and then you have to destroy the tanks. With SIX chargers near by all trying to run you down into paste. It’s not possible!

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