Horizon Zero Dawn Boar Skin & Bone Farming Locations

Boar Skins and Bones are used for increasing the capacity of pouches and satchels. Boars are scattered around the world map. These items are a rare drop, and they have a great selling value, and thus are a great source of income. We’ll tell you with the boar skin & bone locations in Horizon Zero Dawn where you can farm the ingredients.

Boar Skin Bone Horizon Zero Dawn
Boar Skin and Bone in Horizon Zero Dawn

Where to find boar skin and bone

Boars, as you might notice early in the game, are found in the dense forests. They are scattered around, and so are hard to farm. They go down after two or three arrows. The bones and skins you can grab off them come after each 3rd or 4th boar.

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To make it easier to farming the boar skins and bones, early on in the game, you can grab the errand called “Luck of the Hunt”. It is given by Taim in Mother’s Rise. He will send you on a path to gather four Boar Skins and his ring. This is where the best location for farming boar skins and bones is.

One of the best Boar locations is in the east of the World map: east of Mother’s Crown, north from Devil’s Thirst bandit camp. There is a dense forest that is outlined with roads. You can also save your game at the nearby bonfire. Once you clear the forest, you can return to the bonfire, save the game, and load it again. This process will then repopulate the forest you’ve cleared, and you can do it more than once.

If you have the skill “Call Mount +” from the Forager skill tree, you can farm them even faster. Call the mount, scan the forest and tag all boars, jump on the mount and just run over them. If they have a green or purple loot mark over their bodies, dismount and loot them. This is the fastest farming method we’ve found so far.

Tip: Once you kill a boar, you’ll get a triangle icon above its body, marking the loot. The grey triangle means there’s meat, blue – skin, green – bone.

Boar Skin & Bones Crafting Recipes

To find the crafting recipes menu, press the touch pad on your controller. Find the crafting tab, and choose the carry capacity. Here you can choose between sixteen possible variations, with several levels. Here are some that include Boar bone and skins:

Resource Satchel Upgrade 3Increases Resource Inventory capacity to 70 (+20)
  • x75 Metal Shards
  • x40 Ridge-Wood
  • x2 Boar Bone
Tripcaster Ammo Pouch Upgrade 4Increases Tripcaster ammo pouch capacity to 12 (+2)
  • x500 Metal Shards
  • x1 Boar Skin
  • x200 Ridge-Wood
Hunter Bow Quiver Upgrade 2Increases Hunter Bow quiver capacity to 40 (+10)
  • x20 Metal Shards
  • x1 Boar Bone
  • 5x Fatty Meat
Hunter Bow Quiver Upgrade 3Increases Hunter Bow quiver capacity to 50 (+10)
  • x125 Metal Shards
  • x1 Boar Skin
  • x1 Rabbit Bone

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    This location is great not just for boars but literally everything else, didn’t even use the mount. Just ran around this entire forest area and was able to upgrade a lot of my bags. As you run around the far corners of the forest the animals will respawn. There is even a stream next to the nearby campfire that has fish in it.

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