Horizon Zero Dawn Stranded Item Locations - What's Inside the Mysterious Box

Mysterious Box is an item sold by its Specialty Merchant in Meridian for three Stranded items. These Stranded items are scattered in three different main missions. In this guide, you can find out what’s in the mysterious box, and the Horizon Zero Dawn stranded item locations.

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Mysterious Box Horizon Zero  Dawn Vendor
What’s inside the Mysterious Box?

All stranded items are found within the story missions. They’re not missable, since you can return to the story mission area upon completing it. The stranded items glow bright pink, and are sometimes hard to miss. Their list below is in chronological order.

Stranded Necklace Location

The first one is found in the level 18 main story mission “The Grave-Hoard”, in the northeastern part of the world map.

As soon as you enter the Grave-Hoard underground facility, deal with the enemies at the entrance. Once you get rid of them, go left and follow the wall. Between two tanks, on a dead body is a purple item – Stranded Necklace. If you die shortly after collecting the item, you’ll have to do it again.

Where to find Stranded Shackles

This item is found within the Zero Dawn Project Facility in northern Sunfall, northwest on world map. This is where the level 21 quest “Deep Secrets of the World” takes place.

There are two major story moments you have to go through. The first one is the General Herrers holo playback, and the second is the Elisabet Sobeck holo playback. The one where she discovers everything about GAIA in the viewing room.

After Elisabet’s playback, head to the room in the southwestern part of the facility. You’ll find the Stranded Shackles on the table.

Stranded Figure Location

The Stranded Figure is located in the Eleuthia-9 facility, southeastern world map. This is where the level quest “The Heart of the Nora” takes place.

This facility is the same one you try to get into after the events at the end of the Proving. This time, you have the necessary knowledge to do so.

This one is the easiest to find, as it isn’t hidden at all. After you go down the first small stairs, look to your left. It is under the stairs. You can see its pink notifier while going down the stairs, making it hard not to spot.

What is inside the Mysterious Box?

Once you have all three stranded items, head to Meridian and get the box from the Mysterious Box vendor. You can manually save on the bonfire before you do so, but the effects, for me at least, were the same. I got the same exact items every time.

Mysterious Box has following items:

  • Special Modification Box – A box holding a random Very Rare Weapon or Outfit Modification (23% Stealth Weave)
  • Modification Box – A box holding a random Weapon or Outfit Modification (37% Tear Coil)
  • Shard Gambler’s Box – A box holding an unknown quantity of items (3 Metal Shards)
  • Warm Socks – This rare item of the ancients offers good value when sold to merchants (100 Metal Shards)

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