Horizon Zero Dawn Building the World Trailer Horizon Zero Dawn Building the World Trailer Details

The launch of Horizon: Zero Dawn is just around the corner. Various promo materials have been popping up everywhere. The new Horizon Zero Dawn trailer: Building the World has developers explaining how they built the game and what they’re especially proud of.

Horizon Zero Dawn Building the World Trailer Details
Horizon Zero Dawn Building the World Trailer Details

The new open world action-adventure RPG by Guerrilla Games is set to take the gaming world by storm. The reviews are coming in, and by all accounts, the game will be amazing. You can check out our own Horizon Zero Dawn review if you need further convincing.

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However, the most fantastic aspects of the game are the visuals and its large, living, breathing world. Guerrilla games have honestly outdone themselves, and their engine Decima truly gets to shine. How did they do that? Well, we can see glimpses of the hard work involved in the new trailer for the game: Building the World. Check it out below.

Managing director Hermen Hulst explains what the inspiration for the game’s look and feel was – BBC documentaries. They set out to amke a world that feels very natural; beautiful, but also dangerous.

According to game director Mathijs De Jonge, the developers had to improve their Decima engine to be able to render this large, detailed world seamlessly. No matter where and how you go, there are no loading times whatsoever.

Art director Jan-Bart Van Beek talks about facial animations. He remarks that facial animations in RPGs these days aren’t up to snuff, so they decided to improve upon it. They decided not to Instead, the team did over 15 hours of mo-cap dialogue, so that every character looks as lifelike as possible. The reason being that this will make the characters more believable and the world more immersive.

Horizon Zero Dawn comes out on February 28th in North America, March 1st in Europe and March 2nd in Japan. It’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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