Frozen Wilds Badger Bone & Skin Farming Locations - Horizon Zero Dawn

Badgers are a kind of animal you can hunt in Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds. They can be found in various places in the new area, and their skin and bones are used as crafting materials. They’re white, so they can be pretty difficult to spot in all that snow. Besides, they’re not all that common. We’re going to share the Frozen Wilds badger bone & skin farming locations we’ve discovered, to make the hunt easier for you.

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horizon zero dawn frozen wilds badger bone skin farming locations
Frozen Wilds Badger Bone & Skin Farming Locations – Horizon Zero Dawn

Where to find badger skin & bone?

Despite what other games have taught us, badgers are quite docile in Horizon Zero Dawn. When you approach them in the frozen wilds, they’ll try to run away. However, they have stubby little legs, and the snow is quite deep, so it’s mostly about knowing where to look. They aren’t really capable of escaping Alloy, but they can be hard to spot even when you’re standing near them.

Since they’re scarce, we recommend you invest a point in the Expert Carver skill, which will increase drop chances for animal parts. We’ve found one lair in the Cut so far. It’s on the region’s southern edge, a bit east from the passage connecting it with the rest of the map. Make sure you use the scanner to pinpoint their exact locations, since they’re so easy to miss.


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