Frozen Wilds DLC Adds New Skills to Horizon Zero Dawn

Frozen Wilds, the newly released DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, adds a new skill tree to the game. It’s called the Traveller tree, and it contains eight new abilities. Some of them are quite useless, while others are great improvements to Alloy’s (and the player’s) quality of life. There’s even one that’s outright useful. If it’s of any interest to you, you can scroll down and check out the new skills in Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds.

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frozen wilds new skills horizon zero dawn
Frozen Wilds DLC Adds New Skills to Horizon Zero Dawn

Mounted Pickup allows you to loot enemies and grab resources while on a mount. It’s a godsend, especially since you can kill wildlife by simply running it over with your mount. Then there’s mount repair, which lets you fix up your horsie using metal shards, which is neither here nor there. Why repair when you can just brainwash another one? Machine Repair lets you repair overriden machine even if they aren’t mounts. Mount Repair Plus increases the health of your mount, as well as its repair speed. The health part is a great boon, but repair… again, why?

The second branch starts off with Shard Salvager, which gives you half of a mod’s or resource’s value in shards when you dismantle it. If you have a main game save, you probably have more than enough shards, so this one’s neither here nor there. Expert Carver is a great thing, as it increases your chances of getting skins, bones, lenses and hearts. Hoarder gives you 20% more resource inventory slots, and let’s be honest, we could all use this. Finally, there’s Dismount Strike, which lets you engage in a jumping attack directly from your mount. Medium-sized machine will take damage, while smaller ones and humans may end up dead on the spot. It’s a pretty cool thing.

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