Frozen Wilds Outfits - Best Armor in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Frozen Wilds DLC has added five new outfits to Horizon Zero Dawn. These armor sets are fairly easy to obtain, and four of them are available from the start. They’ll make Aloy look different, but also provide her with some benefits. Two of them have health regeneration, which is a first for the game. We’re going to show you where to find all the Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds outfits, so you can get the best armor for yourself.

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Frozen Wilds Horizon Zero Dawn All Outfits
Frozen Wilds Outfits – Best Armor in Horizon Zero Dawn

Best Outfit in Frozen Wilds DLC

There are five pieces of armor you can acquire in the DLC. Four of them can be bought from the merchants, in exchange for a new resource called Bluegleam. You can find these vendors in every settlement in the Cut. You can spot them on the map easily – they are marked with a blue icon.

The fifth outfit – Banuk Werak Chieftain – is obtainable through the main story quest For the Werak. Once you complete it, you’ll receive the Banuk Werak Chieftain Outfit Box. Open it, and take the armor. This is considered the best Frozen Wilds outfit, as it provides health recovery over time.

Banuk Werak Runner

Description: Insulated and treated with medicinal oils.
Modification: None
Effects: Provides slow health recovery over time.
Price: 1000 Metal Shards, 10 Desert Glass, 10 Slagshine Glass

HZD Frozen Wilds DLC Banuk Werak Runner Outfit
Banuk Werak Runner

Banuk Ice Hunter Master

Description: Cured hide and fur interwoven with machine plates protect the wearer from Freeze damage. Typical wear for the unforgiving north.
Modification: Three slots
Effects: +60 Freeze defense
Price: 14 Bluegleam

HZD Frozen Wilds Banuk Ice Hunter Outfit
Banuk Ice Hunter

Carja Blazon Master

Description: The showy armor of Carja nobles and Hunters Lodge elites. Leather strips cured in plant oil protect from Fire damage.
Modification: Three slots
Effects: +60 Fire defense
Price: 16 Bluegleam

HZD Frozen Wilds Carja Blazon Master Outfit
Carja Blazon Master

Nora Silent Hunter Master

Description: Stitched for stealth, this outfit makes the wearer harder to see and hear.
Modification: Three Slots
Effects: +35 Stealth
Price: 18 Bluegleam

HZD Frozen Wilds Nora Silent Hunter Master Outfit
Nora Silent Hunter Master

Banuk Werak Chieftain

Description: An imposing outfit made equally for ceremony and extreme survival.
Modification: 2 Slots
Effects: Provides health recovery over time.
Price: None

HZD Frozen Wilds DLC Banuk Werak Chieftain Outfit
Banuk Werak Chieftain