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One of the additions Frozen Wilds brought to Horizon Zero Dawn are new weapons. Three of them are unique, with new designs, while the rest can be acquired from DLC merchants. The ones that you get from quests can be upgraded, unlocking more powerful attacks. If you read on, you’ll see where you can find all the new weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds DLC.

Horizon Zero Dawn the Frozen Wilds All Weapons
Frozen Wilds New Weapons – Horizon Zero Dawn

Best weapons in Frozen Wilds

Three of the new weapons are found through the main and side quests, while another three can be bought from merchants in the area. The weapons from the quests are unique ones, with beautiful new designs. You can improve them by completing more side quests. You’ll get the first one near the start of the DLC, and the game will guide you by the hand as you acquire all of them.

There are three Banuk Bows you can buy from the merchants. In order to buy them, you’ll need to gather a new DLC resource called Bluegleam. This resource is given as a reward for completing quests, but you can also find it in deposits across the new area. There is a treasure map you can buy that will mark all of the Bluegleam deposits.

Banuk Stormslinger

  • This weapon fires charged bolts. Consecutive bolts build up a larger charge and deal increased damage.
  • Fires more powerful charged bolts which do escalating damage. Overcharging the weapon increases its power but causes shock damage to the user.

Handling: 70
Modifications: One slot
Ammo: 340 Impact, 23 Shock damage

HZD Frozen Wilds Banuk Stormslinger Weapon
Banuk Stormslinger
Banuk Stormslinger can be acquired at the end of The Shaman’s Path main story mission. This is the first story quest in the DLC. It is a powerful short range weapon, and you can later upgrade it into an Improved Stormslinger for even more destructive power.


  • Looses a powerful flamehtrower attack within a short range, dealing high fire severity. Can be modified.
  • Improved with a secondary attack, the Fire Burster. Shots have a long charge time, but deal both standard damage and Fire severity. Can be modified.

Handling: 70
Modifications: One Slot / Two Slots
Ammo: 113 Fire / 720 Impact & 150 Fire

HZD Improved Forgefire DLC Weapon
This weapon is a reward at the end of the bandit camp quest called Stone Yield. You can find the camp in the northern part of the Frozen Wilds area. You’ll need to defeat Ohlgrud, the bandit lord wielding this weapon. Once you defeat him and complete the quest, you’ll get Bandit Leader’s weapon box, which contains Forgefire. Later on, you can complete a quest to turn it into Improved Forgefire.


  • Looses a powerful Icethrower attack within a short range, dealing high Freeze severity.
  • Improved with a secondary attack, the Ice Cannon. Shots have a long charge time, but deal a high amount of damage and low Freeze severity.

Handling: 70
Modifications: One Slot / Two Slots
Ammo: 113 Frost Damage / 1 200 Impact & 75 Frost Damage

HZD Frozen Wilds Improved Icerail Weapon
Icerail is obtained through the main story mission called For the Werak. Just like other quest weapons, it is inside a box, this time called the Banuk Icerail Weapon Box. Complete this main quest, open the box and you’ll get to enjoy one of the most powerful ranged weapons. Its upgraded version, Improved Icerail, can do an absurd amount of damage with the correct modifications.

Banuk Powershot Bow

Description: Keep the bowstring drawn on this specialized Sharpshot Bow to charge up more powerful shots.
Handling: 20
Modifications: Three Slots
Price: 14 Bluegleeam

HZD Frozen Wilds Banuk Powershot Bow
Banuk Powershot Bow
You can buy this one from the merchants in the Cut. These vendors are scattered around the map – there is even one at the starting village. It’s much like a regular sharpshot bow, except that you can charge attacks up by keeping the string taut.

Banuk Striker Bow

Description: Keep the bowstring drawn on this specialized Hunter Bow to charge up more powerful shots.
Handling: 80
Modifications: Three slots
Price: 16 Bluegleam

HZD Banuk Striker Bow DLC Weapon
Banuk Striker Bow
Like the other bows, this one is also sold by the merchants that live in the DLC area. It will allow you to do more damage when you keep it drawn for longer periods of time.

Banuk Champion Bow

Description: Keep the bowstring drawn on this specialized War Bow to charge up more powerful shots.
Handling: 50
Modifications: Three Slots
Price: 12 Bluegleam

Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Champion Bow Weapon DLC Frozen Wilds
Banuk Champion Bow
Sold by the Banuk merchants in the Cut. It acts like a war bow, but allows you to build up power by holding it drawn. It can be a devastating weapon, provided you have time to aim and charge it up.

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  1. E
    Eric Morneau


    My question is simple, well I hope! And by the way, sorry for my english I’m french.

    I want to know what’s wrong with my game. I bought the Complete Version to have the new bows and outfits, not the adept one, the banuk one, those who are the strongest bow in the game. But I don’t understand why any of the merchant in the cut offering me those weapons and outfits? I got 70 bluegleam and I play newgame+ loadout in ultra hard. Behind the case of the game we can read that I can have those new weapons and outfits, so why I cannot have or buy them? Is there something I need to do to unlock those things? I play near a 1500 hours because I really love this game, I love everything of it. But it begins to really frustrated me to search and hoping to find an answer!!! Can you help me please?

    I’m 43 years old by the way


  2. L

    Hello Eric, thanks for stopping by, I am glad you are having fun with the game.

    To get the items from Complete Version-Edition, find a merchant at the far south of the map, at the area where you start the main game, just north from Mother’s Cradle settlement, east from Mother’s Watch. If i remember correctly there is a large wooden gate there, and the merchant is close to it.

    Once you find the merchant, redeem the treasure boxes he offers and Voilà, the items are yours.

  3. T

    I can’t find any of these Banuk Bows!!!!!! Where are they?

    1. L

      They are a part of the Frozen Wilds DLC, do you have it installed, or you are asking for the Complete Edition one?

  4. L
    Louis Culotta

    Just down loaded the frozen wild and started finding new spear modifications on machines I kill but don’t know how to use them I tried going through the crafting section where I modified my other weapons but nothing.

  5. A

    you cant use them until you have started the frozen wilds dlc and upgraded your spear

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