Horizon Zero Dawn How to Beat Stormbird

Stormbird is one of the toughest enemies you’ll encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn. It can fly, it has devastating attacks, and it can be very hard to hit. Its armor is very strong and resilient. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill Stormbird in Horizon Zero Dawn, the best strategies and weaknesses to exploit.

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Horizon Zero Dawn How to Beat Stormbird
Horizon Zero Dawn How to Defeat Stormbird

Horizon Zero Dawn Stormbird

Stormbird battles are very difficult. To start off, prepare yourself for a long fight; there’s no quick way to defeat them. You’ll have to be on your toes at all times, as well as very patient. Stormbirds have strong attacks and their armor has no special weakness. For the most efficient fight, you’ll need to prepare several weapons and adequate ammo. You’ll need a War Bow with Freeze ammo (Fire ammo welcome, but not necessary), a Sharpshot Bow with teardown arrows, and possibly a Ropecaster.

The Stormbird’s most dangerous attack is its Lightning Gun that delivers ranged Shock attacks. The gun covers a lot of ground and has a very long range, so you’ll want to disable that first. The gun is located on the Stormbird’s chest, so it’s relatively easy to hit. Shoot it with a teardown arrow to detach it from the machine.

Now, it’s time to focus on the other weak points. Those would be the Freeze canisters on the shoulders, the Blaze on its back, and the engines, which are also on the wings. There’s six of them to destroy, and that will disable one of the attacks. However, this might take a long time; leave them for later.

Whether it’s in flight or on the ground, the Stormbird will spread its wings, allowing you to hit the Freeze canisters. These shots aren’t easy, but they’ll do a lot of damage. Once you’ve destroyed those, your next step should be to shoot the Stormbird with the Ropecaster. This will bring it down to ground level. Quickly head behind it and shoot a fire arrow into the Blaze canister. You can also shoot them when the robot turns its back on you.

After you’ve destroyed the two Blaze Cansiters, the rest of the fight is up to you. Use more teardown arrows to destroy parts of its armor. You can continue to shoot it down with the Ropecaster and run over to do critical attacks. You can try to target the engines with more teardown arrows. Either way, keep hitting the Stormbird until it eventually drops.

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