Horizon Zero Dawn How to Beat Trampler

Tramplers are one of the many robot enemies you’ll encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn. They look like rhinos, and they can hurt about the same. While they are tough, they aren’t exactly the hardest enemy you’ll face. In this guide, we’ll explain how to kill Trampler in Horizon Zero Dawn, what its weak spots are and what the best strategy is.

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Horizon Zero Dawn How to Beat Trampler
Horizon Zero Dawn How to Beat Trampler

Best trampler strategy

Tramplers have two attacks to be wary of. The first one is their charge attack. You can see it coming, obviously, but it is something to stay on your toes about. The other attack is a fiery explosion that does area of effect damage across a large surface. They’ll do that when you’re in range, so always make sure to keep well away from them.

Fortunately, they have several very exploitable weak spots. Their armor is weak to Freeze damage. The other major weak point is their stomach (processing Unit), which is basically a huge flammable canister, which is vulnerable to all attacks. It also has Power Cells on its back that you can explode with Shock ammo. So, prepare your Sling and load up on Freeze ammo for it. Then get your Sharpshot bow and prepare some teardown arrows or a Warbow with Shocks. Although, any Bow ammo will do in a pinch.

The first step is to cover the Trampler in ice with Freeze bombs from the Sling. Hit them twice to Freeze them, then use your bow to hit your weak spot of choice or use teardown arrows to shoot off bits of the armor for easier future access. If the Trampler comes charging towards you, dodge to the side and run as fast as you can, because the area of effect attack will follow quickly afterwards. After it breaks away from the ice, take out your Sling and freeze it again and keep attacking. Keep in mind, they can still very much attack you even when they’re covered in ice, so always be on your guard.

Repeat this process until the Trampler eventually drops. If you happen to be fighting several of them, always take them out one by one. Don’t start on the other until you kill the previous one. However, always keep your eye on all of them. The last thing you want is a charge attack to the rump while you’re trying to line up a shot.

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