Injustice 2 Swamp Thing Move Set and Powers Revealed in New Trailer

Swamp Thing had his reveal just a couple of weeks ago, and now we can see the full force of his abilities in the new Injustice 2 trailer. With the help of Cheetah, Swamp Thing shows the vast array of his moves. The scenery from the video suits him best, as he bashes Cheetah with an alligator.

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Methodical grappler Swamp Thing uses the powers gifted to him by the green to create vines and branches to aid him in battle. They allow him to have extraordinary range and a multitude of grabs that can catch his opponent even at a distance. He is not so great against speedy projectile users, but rather good when he is allowed to slow down the pace of the match.

Earlier this month, we got a glimpse of his attacks in the reveal trailer. This time, we take a deeper look into his move set and powers.

  • Killing Field – Creates a wooden club and repeatedly bashes his opponent’s head.
  • Trunk Punch – Swamp Thing’s arms gets morphed into a tree that hits the opponent and knocks them back.
  • Family Tree – He and his clone team up and repeatedly strikes the adversary.
  • Vine Grab – Use this move to grip others from any range. It is a somewhat slow attack, but with the ridiculous range, rather powerful.
  • Green Thumb – Close range grab with two follow-ups. You can do a strong attack, or even heal yourself up.
  • Log Kick – Low flying projectile that quickly slides across the ground.
  • Bio-Fission – Creates a clone that grabs the opponent, allowing you to close the gap and deal damage.
  • Abigail’s Garden – The power that creates a path of flowers that slows the rival, making them unable to dash or jump.
  • Green Kingdom – Super move that puts the enemy into the ground, where he punches them around with vines.

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