Horizon Zero Dawn How to Kill Snapmaw

Snapmaw is a robotic animal enemy you’ll fight in Horizon Zero Dawn. It resembles a large crocodile and it’s very fast. The lunge attacks are particularly dangerous, though it has ranged weapons as well. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill Snapmaw in Horizon Zero Dawn and what the best strategy is.

Horizon Zero Dawn How to Defeat Snapmaw Guide
Horizon Zero Dawn How to Defeat Snapmaw

How to beat Snapmaw – best strategy

The Snapmaw’s main strengths are its freeze blast and its lunging attack. This robot is fairly fast, and it can fight both on land and in water. However, it absolutely has its weak spots that you can exploit. Those two spots are the Blaze canisters just behind the head and the Freeze Sac under its jaw. For this fight, it’s best to use fire arrows and a hunter bow. Also, you might want to take the stealthier approach here. You really should avoid engaging them in close quarters.

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Destroying the Freeze Sac disables the Snapmaw’s freeze blast. However, that’s not of much use to us since it’s hard to target. Instead, you should focus on the Blaze canisters. Find a safe spot to hide from the robot and shoot a fire arrow into the canister. After a few moments, it will explode, damaging the Snapmaw and anything else that might be in the vicinity. Don’t forget to run to a safe distance before the explosion!

Each Snapmaw has two canisters, so you’ll want to use both of those to your advantage. Once you destroy both, the machine should be pretty badly hurt. That doesn’t mean that the danger is over, but you can finish it off any way you please. Since its entire shell is weak to fire, you can continue pelting it with fire arrows. You can also set a fire trap or use the Tripcaster to incapacitate the Snapmaw to make it easier to kill.

Cauldron RHO Snapmaw boss

These Snapmaws are a little more difficult, since their Blaze canisters are armored. The tactic is largely the same, except you have to destroy that armor first. How you do that is up to you, but teardown arrows should help. You might want to place a few traps before you override the pylon in the Cauldron, or just hide and wait for them to disperse. Again, avoid close quarter combat. For more info on the Cauldron, check out or Cauldron RHO guide.

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