Horizon Zero Dawn EXP Farming - How to Level Up Fast

Everything you do in Horizon Zero Dawn will reward you with some amount of EXP. When you get enough, you’ll gain a level. This will allow you to upgrade your skills. If you’re stuck on a particular quest, leveling up might help. You’d need a good source of experience points for this to work, though. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to level up fast in Horizon Zero Dawn, where to farm XP.

horizon zero dawn exp farming how to level up fast
How to level up fast in Horizon Zero Dawn

How to level up fast in Horizon Zero Dawn

There are some activities that aren’t hard to complete, but reward you with lots of experience:

  • Tallneck quests: Each tallneck you climb will reveal a chunk of the map, but also reward you with a bunch of EXP. The amount is pretty significant if you’re low-level, so it’s worth roaming the map just to climb these machines. Your level and eqipment don’t matter here, since you only have to climb up the beast to finish the quest.
  • Corrupted zones: These areas are also one-time deals, but they’re pretty easy and they give nice amounts of XP. All you have to do is kill the handfull of corrupted machines and you’ll win.

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XP Farming in Horizon Zero Dawn

There’s a trick to getting a lot of XP without really doing anything. You’ll need to invest in the Call Mount + skill from the Forager tree. After you’ve got it, you can call for a mount even when you don’t have one. A random one will come to you, and you can kill it before it turns hostile. Rinse and repeat for easy EXP. You won’t earn much per kill, but it’s literally no effort or challenge. Keep in mind, this might get patched out of the game at some point.

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