Horizon Zero Dawn Hunting Trials & Lodge Locations

Hunting trials are one of the side activities that you can do in Horizon Zero Dawn. They are timed trials that award you both material rewards and let you move up in the hunter lodge ranks. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find hunter lodges in Horizon Zero Dawn, how to complete hunting trials, and so on.

Horizon Zero Dawn Hunting Trials & Lodges Locations
Horizon Zero Dawn Hunting Trials & Lodge Locations
NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with more information after the full game is out.

Where to find Hunting Trials

Hunting trials are spread across the world. We’ve had the chance to see some of the Nora quests in gameplay videos, but it’s safe to assume that other tribes have their own trials.

The Hunting Lodge seems to be a guild that is present in most hunting grounds across the map. The tasks they give you are timed trials. The objective is either to kill a certain number of animals, or collect a number of items off of them.

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If you pay attention to the video embedded below, you can see that you get a medal, presumably by completing the objectives within a time limit. Developers of Horizon Zero Dawn have also mentioned that, after you beat enough hunting trials, you can unlock another series of quests. This is an arc of its own that you’ll be free to explore, and, perhaps, learn a little more about this imaginative world.

Some of the trials apparently have certain requirements you have to meet. For them, it won’t be enough to just kill the robots. You’ll have to kill them using specific methods. As you can see in the video below, you have to use logpile traps in one of the trials.

This is where knowing the habits of various mechanical animals and using the environment comes into play. For example, the so-called Grazers are easily startled, so you can scare them into running right into a trap. You have to adapt your strategies and think on your feet, adding a great deal of depth to the hunting trials.

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