Horizon Zero Dawn Nora Armor Locations - Where to Find All Versions

Nora armor is the first type of armor you’ll be able to acquire in the game. The easiest way to get them is to buy them from merchants around the world. They are fairly basic, but they’re very important in the early game. They’re relatively cheap and efficient. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Nora armor, the different types & tiers and what they do.

Horizon Zero Dawn Nora Armors - Where to Find Them
Horizon Zero Dawn Nora armor locations

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll add more information as we find it once the full game is out.

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Nora Protector Armor

In the game footage we’ve seen so far, we only found the Nora Protector Light armor. However, as you’ll see below, there’s reason to believe that there’s a medium version of this armor. There’s probably a higher version than that as well, but that remains to be seen.

The Nora Protector Light armor, according to the in-game description, provides protection against melee attacks. It can hold one modification. Although, since the section is called Modifications, perhaps some sets can hold more than one.

Nora Survivor Armor

Once again, we could only see the light version of this armor. The description states that it protects the wearer against the elements, which is why its name is Survivor, presumably. It has one modification slot.

Nora Silent Hunter Armor

Silent Hunter armor sets are all about the stealth. This time around, we got to see both the light and the medium version. Both of these armor sets have the same description, which says that they “make the wearer harder to see and hear”. Any player taking the sneaky approach will find this armor type invaluable, especially in the early game.

The Light version of Silent Hunter gives you a Stealth bonus, which is a great help when you’re stalking your prey and hiding in the high grass. The Medium version offers the same type of bonus, but higher. Of course, the Medium version also costs more.

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