Horizon Zero Dawn Thunderjaw & Snapmaw Machine Overview Trailers

The first two of four machine overview trailers for Horizon Zero Dawn are up for the taking. You can find out about their levels, weaponry, moves, vulnerabilities and more. Take a look at the crocodile-looking machine Snapmaw and the T-Rex/hunchback Thunderjaw. Expect to see a Stormbird flying machine and Behemoth, as well.

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Thunderjaw Overview

Thunderjaw looks more viscous than the Snapmaw, that’s for sure. No wonder it is labeled as Combat Class. One of the interesting things about the Thunderhjaw is that you can shoot down the launcher it carries on its back. You can even grab this disc launcher and use it against its owner.

  • Type: Combat Class
  • Habitat: All Terrain – Open Areas
  • Challenge Level: 27 (highly dangerous)
  • Combat Range Weaponry: Machine Guns, Disc Launchers and Mouth Laser
  • Combat Melee: Bite Attack, Foot Stomp, Rushing Bite Attack, Tail Slam, Tail Swip, Charge Attack
  • Special Ability: Radar Scan (find hidden threats)
  • Vulnerabilities: Heart Core, Brain Core
  • Tactics: Remove disc launcher to use against it

Thunderjaw is not some machine you can sneak up to unnoticed. Its vast array of combat abilities will make him challenging to beat. The tactic for removing his disc launcher will sure be a good thing to know.

Snapmaw Overview

One of the most memorable machines, considering how graciously it enters the water. It doesn’t seem as deadly as the Thunderjaw, but its Freeze Burst is not something you should go against lightly.

  • Type: Acquisition Class
  • Habitat: Water Regions
  • Challenge Level: 20 (moderately dangerous)
  • Combat Range Weaponry: Freeze Burst
  • Combat Melee: Lunging Jaw Bite, Snap Bite, Jumping Jaw Bite, Tail Strike
  • Special Ability: Resource Processing
  • Vulnerabilities: Cryo Sac, Fire Damage
  • Tactics: Blowing up Cryo Sac

It seems that the Snapmaw is faster than the Thunderjaw. Jumping Jaw Bite lets him overcome large areas without breaking a sweat. Getting hit by the Freeze Burst, that freezes the target on impact, with a follow up from the bite is not something you should strive to experience.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases on PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2017. The standard edition costs $59.99, deluxe $69.99, and you can pre-order for a bonus: Nora Machine Trapper Pack. It’s been developed by Guerrilla Games, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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