Nioh Patch 1.02 Fixes Freezing Glitch and Season Pass Bug

Nioh got its first post-launch update. So far, the game hasn’t been much of a headache, but it does have its problems. Patch 1.02 for Nioh is a fairly small one, about 400 MB, and it “fixes “various bugs”. This sounds a bit vague, so let’s try and break it down.

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Nioh Patch 1.02 Fixes Freezing Glitch and Season Pass Bug
Nioh Patch 1.02 Fixes Freezing Glitch and Season Pass Bug

Patch 1.02 is fairly similar to the Day One patch. It bears the same nebulous description, stating that it fixes various bugs. The exact content of the patch isn’t completely clear to us, but we know for sure that it fixes a few very annoying problems.

There’s two serious issues that players have been experiencing in Nioh. The first one is that the game has a tendency to freeze. Meanwhile, the second one causes the Season Pass to show as Purchasable in the PlayStation Store for Deluxe Edition owners. Fortunately for all, Patch 1.02 takes care of these issues.

We know that this update fixes the freezing bug thanks to the Nioh Wiki. Similarly, we know that the Season Pass problem is over with thanks to the Nioh PS Store support page. Here’s a direct quote.

This issue has now been resolved and the Season Pass should no longer be purchasable if you have already purchased the Deluxe Edition. Many thanks for your reports and patience.

Now, many people have been experiencing problems with downloading the patch. There are several ways you can combat this. First, make sure that the game isn’t running in the background, because the update won’t download otherwise. If this doesn’t help, try and jump start it manually by going to Check for Update. However, it seems that the main problem might be server overload. If that’s the case, you’ll just have to wait to download the patch, unfortunately.

In case the game is giving you a headache because it’s too hard, we’ve got a whole bunch of Nioh guides to help you out!

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