Horizon Zero Dawn Weapons List - Bows, Slings, Lances & More

You’ll spend much of your time in Horizon Zero Dawn fighting. You’ll encounter both human and machine enemies, and you’ll have a plethora of weapons at your disposal. They’re divided into several categories, which define how to best use them. This will give you a lot tactical options when engaging in combat. Planning is half the battle, though, so we’re going to show you a list of weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn, in order to help you choose a perfect loadout.

horizon zero dawn weapons list
Horizon Zero Dawn weapons

Weapons in HZD

The quality and efficiency of the weapons depend on their rarity and the modifications you install. However, all weapons within a certain category have the same basic properties. When building your loadout, you’ll have to choose between the following:

  • Lance – A polearm used in close combat. Can perform stealth takedowns if you have the proper skill.
  • War Bow – Does low damage, but causes target to become vulnerable to certain attacks.
  • Sharpshot Bow – Accurate but slow. Best used to snipe enemies from afar.
  • Hunter’s Bow – A fast bow with low damage. Great for spamming arrows while on a mount and medium range combat in general.
  • Sling – Slow firing weapon that uses elemental bombs. Has a large area of effect, and it’s great for softening up groups of enemies.
  • Ropecaster – A tool used to tie down machine enemies. Fire a rope into the beast, then into the ground, and you’ll have them trapped before you know it.
  • Tripcaster – A weapon used to set tripwire traps. Setting them alongside enemy patrol routes will let you plan out a surprise attack.
  • Rattler – Horizon’s version of a shotgun. Fires several bolts, but has a large spread. It’s best used at short ranges, when you’re not in a position to aim.

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As you can see, each weapon type has its use, but you’ll probably quickly find your groove and limit yourself to only a few. After that, it’s all about getting the most out of them with upgrades and trade-ins.

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