Pokemon GO How to Defeat Blissey in Gym Battles

Blissey is currently the most broken Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It has a lot of health and a lot of CP. It takes a long time to defeat Blissey, and that’s the biggest problem. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Blissey in Pokemon GO, which Pokemon to choose, etc.

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Pokemon GO How to Defeat Blissey in Gym Battles
Pokemon GO How to Defeat Blissey in Gym Battles

How to Beat Blissey in Pokemon GO Gym Battles

Blissey’s main advantage lies not only in its CP, but also its absurd health points. Even if you manage to dodge its attacks flawlessly, odds are good that you won’t be able to defeat Blissey in the time limit. So here’s what you can do to even out the odds.

  • Choose the attacker carefully
    Ideally, you want a Pokemon that can do good DPS while also being good at tanking. You’ll see why in a moment. The perfect counters to Blissey would be:
    • Dragonite – A pretty obvious choice. Dragonite is one of the beastliest Pokemon in the game, so you really can’t go wrong by picking it. Use Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw for best results.
    • Gyarados – Might not be able to take as much punishment, but still a very valid choice. Especially if you use Dragon Breath + Hydro Pump or Bite + Hydro Pump. Your CP should be much higher than the Blissey’s, though.
    • Vaporeon – My absolute favorite pick. Vaporeon is just great all-around. It can both deal damage and take it, so it’s a good choice here. Water Gun and Hydro Pump is your best bet. Only dodge the charge attacks, as time is of the essence.
    • Machamp – Not the best of selections, unless it’s against a Pound + Hyper Beam Blissey, then it should be fine. Use Counter + Dynamic Punch. Either way, you’ll probably hurt the Blissey enough to be able to finish it off with your next attacker, especially if your Machamp has a very high CP. The biggest problem with all Fighting Pokemon, though, is that they’re very vulnerable to Blissey’s Psychic moves.
    • Donphan – One of the new ones, and a damn decent counter to a Blissey. Use Counter and Play Rough for best results.
    • Gengar – There’s two potential movesets you can use against Blissey. The first one is the Hex + Shadow Ball combo. Normally, this would be a deffensive moveset, but you can use it as an offense here. The other combo would be Hex + Sludge Bomb. Using one of these movesets will bring the Blissey down significantly, but your Gengar will probably die, so be prepared to follow up with another heavy hitter.
    • Espeon – Also one of the new ones. It’s an excellent pick, because it’s a psychic Pokemon. Because of that, it takes less damage from Psychic attacks. It’s fast and strong, and that’s what you need. However, you should probably stick to Psychic attacks for best results, such as Future Sight. As with Vaporeon, having a significantly higher CP will help you a lot.
    • Poliwrath – Using a combo of Bubble and Submission can do a very good number on Blissey, leaving you with plenty of room to finish it off with another heavy hitter. Props to Byrdebeast for giving us this one.
    • Other Pokemon that might do the trick are Alakazam, Ursaring, Rhydon and Golem and maybe Arkanine. Alakazam and Arkanine are actually excellent as followups to Vaporeon. Both Ryhdon and Golem do well with the Mud Slap, and the Golem also has Stone Edge, which deals very good damage.
  • Don’t waste time dodging
    You have a very limited amount of time to defeat Blissey, and it takes forever as is. Just ignore the quick attacks, and only dodge strong attacks if you’re in a dire situation.
  • Be very quick
    Keep spamming your quick moves and just don’t stop. Use your charge move immediately when it becomes available. The clock is your biggest enemy here.
  • Bring more people
    Don’t forget, you don’t have to fight alone. Ask people to help you take Blissey out. Together, you’ll deal more damage in less time, increasing your chances dramatically.

If you found another good combo to fight Blissey, please feel free to share it with us in the comments!

Source: We would like to thank Reddit user Goptimiz for the insightful tips.
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  1. B

    I used a Poliwrath with Bubble + Submission and assigned quite some damage to a Blissey and then my own Blissey took over and finished the work

    1. Thanks for your reply! That does sound like a good strategy. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Poliwrath, so I can’t test it out.

  2. D

    Vaporeon is a really bad choice. Has the author of this article even tried all of his suggestions?

    1. I did, and while Vaporeon is far from the best choice, I still got some good results.

    2. G
      Gosu No0b

      If your Vaporeon with Hydro Pump has higher CP than Blissey you’ll be able to defeat her. Otherwise you’ll have to combine Vaporeon + Arcanine or Vaporeon + Alakazam.

    3. A

      I use Espeon followed up with vapes and it seems to take down blissy well. I think they’re worth a mention as they’re common enough that even newer players that won’t have access to the rates can take down blissy with the evee evolutions

  3. B

    I think Blissey is to OP, they lowered the cp of lapras now this thing with blissey happend i am very disappointed, gyms are loaded with blissey’s and now no one does anything anymore to defeat them because it’s to much work.. Pfff niantic did something very wrong…

    1. Agreed. Hopefully, they’ll nerf it soon.

      1. J
        J guy

        Just use a Slobro. I use my level 2000 with Confusion (20) and Psychic (100) and beat her every time no problem. 1 Slobro, only dodging her special attack. Usually 25 seconds left to spare on the time. Its really not that bad if you choose right. I haven’t tried any of the other ones, but that’s because I haven’t needed too. I regularly beat level 2700+ Blissey with my 2000 Slobro.

  4. L

    Executor also good,espeon,dragonite ,gyardos eith bite are good. I usually preload a 150hyperbeam big charge from battling pokemon a lower cp, so i can dump 150cp damage in the first second. That’ll get through a 2750ish blissey. No time for any dodging
    Arcanine or other fire types don’t work.

  5. M

    I have a 2800 Vaporeon with hydro pump. I tried this today on a 2600 Blissey playing solo. I only dodged the beam once. Barely survived and won the battle with about 15 seconds left.

    1. K
      Kelly Newton

      That sounds like bragging rites to me. “Yeah, I took on a Blissey solo, and won!” Good going!

  6. Alakazam has a huge attack and I was able to defeat a 2700 Blissy with my 2400 Alakazam, with a little help from a Dragonite at the end. Alakazam is also resistant to psychic attacks.

  7. P

    A team of two using Rhyhorn takes down Blissey in about half the allowed time. Rhyhorn with mega horn gets an attack bonus from my experience. Taking out lower monsters before dealing with Blissey optimizes resources. I like to fight it once. Executor with solar beam works well. Have taken out 6 Blissey so far. Largest was 2850 CP. Blissey is tough by yourself. Agree with other comments, doesn’t appear author has much experience. Hitmonlee and Machamp and Prime Ape can get the job done , but it takes 3 of them vs. 1 Rhyhorn per attacker. I’m level 31 so lower levels may find Blissey more difficult. My best advice, team up with someone, it helps a lot on the time constraint.

    1. C

      I regularly take them out by myself. I deal most of the damage with my Rhydon with Rock Smash and Earthquake. Rock Smash is super effective against Blissey. Will usually finish it off with ( or start out with) Vaporeon or Gyarados. Not easy and no dodging at all, but I’ve take. Outcomes with over 3K CP by myself. I have an Ursaring with Counter which is also good for dealing damage fast, gets knocked out fast though. Will try my Seed Bomb and Solar Beam Exeggcutors in future.

  8. D
    Derek Miller

    any espeon over 2200cp will pretty much do the job, even with dodging charge moves .

  9. T

    Hours ago I used 2400CP Alakazam to face up 1900, 2100, and 2500CP Blissey, then use my 2900CP Rhydon to finish off the Bliss. I had to fight the Bliss one at a time, got out of the gym, and went back. Before this I had tried with 2450CP Machamp, 2790CP Vaporion, 2320CP Lapras, and 2360CP Omastar w/o success. I am level 32. I wonder that many authors told you to use Fighting type such as Machamp to fight against Normal such as Snorlax or Blissey. I usually used Rhydon to fight against Snorlax, or even Lapras before it got nerfed.

  10. S

    Why are you guys using such high CP pokemon to take down Blissey? It won’t do any dent to the gym that way. All of the pokemon on your team should be at least half the CP of what you’re fighting against to get the most of it.

    1. G
      Golden Calf

      Because you need a high CP to counter Blissey’s hellishly high HP. Otherwise you’re going to run out of time and end up with a whole heap of wasted pokemon.

  11. E

    My 2500 Flareon with Ember and Fire Blast did a huge amount of damage to a 26ish Blissey and then I was able to finish it off with a Rhydon with Stone Edge.

  12. K

    Poliwrath can now have dual fighting skills… you have have both rock smash+dynamic punch therotically better than bubble+submission

  13. M

    Blissey is good at killing Blissy. I find Pound and dazzeling gleam is good.

    1. M

      if you have a high attack stat on it, like 15.

  14. M
    master of earth

    poliwrath with rock smash and dynamic punch easily destroys blissey. my level 1800 poliwrath can defeat 2400 blissey and I do dodge damage enough is done!

    1. T

      This worked for me as well

  15. J

    Ursaring 2006 + Poliwrath1881 defeat a 2725 Blissey.
    Ursaring 2006 + Scyther 2095 defeat a 2843 Blissey.

  16. C

    Just beat a 2450 blissey with a 2200 scizor…

  17. A

    Exeggcute with solar Beam did it easily

  18. G

    I’ve knocked out several Blisseys with Exeggutor with Pyschic/Solar Beam, finished it off with two charge moves and had time and HP to spare.

  19. S
    Spy Glass

    Thank you Joe. This information is really helpful.

  20. C
    Christi Nelms

    Lanturn is very edfective against Blissy.

  21. C
    Christi Nelms

    Oh and dont forget you can use a Ditto against Blissy making Blissy fight Blissy

  22. O

    I take out blissey all day long with my vaporeons. Only ever cut time close if blissey is over about 3000. My vaporeons I use are all 2900-3050ish

  23. M

    Gengar at 2100 with Focus Blast is also great . Dodge the big attacks and you are safe enough.

  24. J

    I had to use two Exeggutor to defeat a Blissy. Gym was under 2000 points, Blissy was over 2000 CP. Both Exeggutor’s have Solar Beam 180. One has CP of 2384, the other has CP of 2199. It was quite nerve-racking, but I finally did it!

  25. L
    Lisa Elifritz

    Believe it or not my Victreebel with acid and leaf blade at 1800 will take down Blissy 2400 every time!

  26. J

    Kabutops is super effective against Blissey, with rock and ancient power. But weak hp unless over 2000.

  27. A

    I took out an over 3000 blissy with a 1629 miltank with tackle and stomp. Took it out with plenty of time to spare. Could not take it out with 6 other Pokémon of any type before that.

  28. J

    I managed to take out a blissey with a CP 1910 Scizor. I don’t remember what level the Blissey was but it seemed to work really well.

  29. A

    I took out a 2300 plus blissey today with my 2300 machamp, my machamp has counter and heavy slam, only dodged charge move. Also took out a 2500 plus blissey easily with my 2300 machamp and 1700 alakazam with psycho cut and future sight no dodging.

  30. E

    Best strategy- If you have a steel type with high HP and a fighting move like Close Combat, you win. Use this. If you are like everyone else and don’t, use this strategy. Start with a Wigglytuff and determine the advance attack of Blissey: Psychic, Hyperbeam (Normal) or Dazzling Gleam (Fairy).

    On the next round, pick a pokemon who (1) takes half damage vs. that attack, (2) has advance attack inflicting high damage (140+ or 70+ fighting). and (3) has a good HP.

    Psychic – counter with a Psychic attacker, like Espeon.
    Hyperbeam – counter with a Rock attacker, like Rhydon or Golem.
    Dazzling gleam – counter with fire or poison type, like Charizard or Venusaur.

    Against Dazzling gleam, great success with Venusaur (advance attack 180-Solar beam).

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