How to Cook in Immortal Life

If you want to know how to cook in Immortal Life, or need some tips on how to make cooking easier / more efficient, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to explain exactly how cooking works in this game, where you can do that, and more. Let’s jump straight into it!

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how to cook in immortal life
How to Cook in Immortal Life

How to Cook in Immortal Life

To cook in Immortal Life, you need to go to the Sunset Inn and talk to Mu Xia. You can rent the kitchen for a relatively small fee. Then, go behind the nearby curtain and you can begin. Walk up the stairs and hit E, then pick a recipe you want to make. Now, what you want to do is familiarize yourself with the kitchen layout. As you can see in the first image below, there are several workstations, each with their own work station: the wok, the steamer, the boiling pot, the mixing and kneading tables, and the vegetable and meat cutting boards (that’s just good hygiene). You can always remind yourself of that by clicking the question mark in the upper left.

Beyond that, cooking is easy: just follow the recipe. Take the ingredient to the appropriate workstation, prepare it there, then take it to the next station. Just follow the button prompts on the screen, and you’ll do great. After the dish is done, take it to the serving table in the bottom left.

Immortal Life Cooking Tips

Now that we know generally how to cook in Immortal Life, let’s give you some tips. For most of the actions you need to perform in the kitchen, your character needs to be at the work station. This includes chopping, mixing, kneading and frying. However, steaming and boiling do not require you to stand there. So, take a look at the recipes and see if you have anything that can be steamed or boiled. Leave it there and go prepare something else while it’s working. And don’t worry, you can’t overcook anything.

Tip 2: visit the Sunset Inn and take the Kitchen Helper quests from Mu Xia. This will help you train with the different cooking techniques under a time constraint. Plus, you get some Spirit Shards for your efforts.

Third tip: remember that you can only carry one ingredient / dish at a time. I recommend always looking a step forward. As soon as you pick up an ingredient while you cook in Immortal Life, place it in the next place it needs to be. Like, if you knead dough and it needs to go to the wok next, take it there immediately. Don’t bother with the extra worktop. Naturally, don’t start frying or mixing or whatever until you have all the necessary ingredients.

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