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immortal life adds new in-game events to celebrate chinese new year

Immortal Life Adds New In-Game Events to Celebrate Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year will begin on February 10th, 2024, and to celebrate the year of the dragon, the developers of Immortal Life will be introducing brand new events to the game. Two different events, to be exact: “Spot-the-difference” and “Lantern Riddles.” These will take place during specific in-game days. The rewards you can earn…


immortal life attribute stats explained

Immortal Life Attribute Stats Explained

If you need the main player character attribute stats explained in Immortal Life, you’ve come to the right place. There are seven attributes that you…

how to enhance tools in immortal life

How to Enhance Tools in Immortal Life

If you want to know how to enhance tools in Immortal Life, we’re here to help you. This is a very important mechanic for several…

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immortal life birthday calendar schedule

Immortal Life Birthday Calendar Schedule

Our Immortal Life birthday calendar and schedule is going to help you keep track of when the NPC birthdays are. That way, you’ll always know…

how to get krill in immortal life

How to Get Krill in Immortal Life

Figuring out how to get krill in Immortal Life is not the most important of things, but it is necessary for a few quests and…

immortal life item quality explained

Immortal Life Item Quality Explained

Item quality in Immortal Life is an important mechanic in the game. This determines how good and rare an item is, which also affects its…

how to cook in immortal life

How to Cook in Immortal Life

If you want to know how to cook in Immortal Life, or need some tips on how to make cooking easier / more efficient, you’ve…