How to Get Superior Stone in Immortal Life

Knowing how to get and farm Superior Stone in Immortal Life is going to become important as you progress through the game. Early on, you can craft a Stone Mill, which can turn Rice and Wheat into flour, Soybeans into Bean Curd, and Pearls into Pearl Powder. But the Stone Mill requires 20 Superior Stone. Where do you find that, and what’s the best way to gather it quickly? That’s what we’ll be talking about in this guide, so let’s begin!

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how to get superior stone in immortal life
How to Get Superior Stone in Immortal Life

How to Farm Immortal Life Superior Stone?

The best way to farm and get Superior Stone in Immortal Life is to go down in the Mine. That’s the cave on the upper right side of Misty Valley. Don’t worry, Yang Ziqin will take you there during the Valley Pit quest on your second day. The problem is that you can’t get Superior Stone by mining regular rocks. Those are the light brown rocks that you can find already at the first level of the mine. Instead, you have to push down to at least the fourth floor, aka Stalactite Cave 4F. That’s when you’ll start seeing dark gray rocks (check out the picture above to see what one looks like). You can only get Superior Stone by mining those gray rocks.

Now, what you want to do to farm Superior Stone in Immortal Life is to push deeper, to Stalactite Cave 5F. Why? Because at the end of that level, you’ll find a portal. This portal takes you straight back to the surface, and to 5F from the surface. And since Superior Stone appear from 4F and below, having the portal open lets you hop to the fifth floor, get some Superior Stone, and hop back out quickly. Plus, it lets you explore the rest of the Mine more easily. So, with all of that said, there’s another place you can get Superior Stone if you don’t feel like fighting monsters. Go and visit the Blacksmith’s Shop in Ferry Stop. Dao Si sells the material for 12 Spirit Stones each.

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