Song Yantong Birthday Date & Best Presents in Immortal Life

If you want to know when the birthday date of Song Yantong is in Immortal Life and what the best presents for her are, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we are going to tell you when the hermit‘s birthday is and what items she loves and likes, especially those that are easy to get. Let’s begin.

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song yantong birthday date & best presents in immortal life
Song Yantong Birthday Date & Best Presents in Immortal Life

Immortal Life Song Yantong Birthday Date & Best Presents

The date of Song Yantong’s birthday in Immortal Life is near the end of fall; the day is called Cold Dew: End (Chrysanthemums bloom.). The two days before that are called Cold Dew: Initial and Cold Dew: Middle. That should give you plenty of time to prepare a present for her. There are two gifts she loves that are relatively easy to get. The first is a tortoise, which you can catch at the Sect Fishery (after you repair it). Tortoises come out in spring, summer and fall. They appear as orange fish in the water. Your second option is to cook a stir-fried mushroom dish. It requires three Ghost Mushrooms and three Shiitake Mushrooms. Both of those appear in the Mine (Ghost only at level 4 and below).

So, that’s the birthday date for Song Yantong in Immortal Life and the best presents that are easy to get. Another option is cooking Steamed Buns, which is one of the first recipes you get and it only requires one unit of Wheat Flour. The only problem is, she only likes Steamed Buns, she doesn’t love them, so you’ll get a bit less “like points” from her. Speaking of like and love, here are a few more options. If you want to know more about birthdays in Immortal Life, check out this guide.

  • Love
    • Chrysanthemum Tea
    • Rose Honey
    • Mushroom Soup
    • Hermit Set – Vase
    • Mystic Egg
  • Like
    • Jujube Cake
    • Mixed Honey
    • Boiled White Wood Ear
    • Bilong Tea
    • Chinese Rice Pudding
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