Immortals Fenyx Rising Adventure Time Character Pack Unveiled

Ubisoft has revealed a special character pack for Immortals Fenyx Rising, one which fits quite nicely with the overall tone of the game. As a collaboration with Cartoon Network, they’ve put out the Adventure Time pack, which allows you to style yourself as Finn from the show. You can also dress Phosphor as Jake, and ride into battle on a rainbow unicorn.

immortals fenyx rising adventure time character pack unveiled
Immortals Fenyx Rising Adventure Time Character Pack Unveiled

So, what exactly are the contents of the Adventure Time character pack? Well, there’s skis for your armor, helmet, wings, horse, and companion. Mind you, these are just skins; as I understand it, they don’t impart any additional bonuses in and off themselves. Here’s what you’ll get in the pack, according to the press release.

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  • Adventure Time Armor skin: Sacred armor of the dude they call Finn. The one who wears this will slay anything that’s evil – that’s their deal.
  • Adventure Time Helmet skin: It’s more a hat than a helmet, but it’s undeniably awesome! And it never let down the head it sat on. Now that’s armor!
  • Adventure Time Wings skin: The fun will never end when you strap on these wings! Distant lands will become far less distant as you adventure onward.
  • Adventure Time Horse skin: When you see this horse, you’re bound to say, “Ooo.” Let this beauty remind you that life can get scary and dark, but together you can gallop into the light as besties!
  • Adventure Time Companion skin: There’s something almost canine in Phosphor’s loyalty and chillness. He’s also VERY hungry, so make sure you’ve got bacon pancakes on hand!

The main problem I have with this skin pack is that you have to buy it from the in-game store. I’m generally against that kind of stuff on principle. That’s just me, of course; feel free to purchase it if you so wish. I will admit that it looks delightfully silly, as you can see in the trailer below.

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  1. D
    David Alberts

    Adventure Time has been slaying it since episode one way back in 2010. It’s apparent ending revealed a lot about the mystery of the cartoon world’s mythology, deities, history, and Simon. But it’s too bad that it ended when it did. It’s the kind of show that can keep on going, which is exactly what is apparently the case, as HBO MAX has partnered with Cartoon Network to stream its content, and includes brand new Adventure Time Addendum or Epilogue episodes. So far only two have been released. The first stars, and exclusively features BMO on an adventure into outer space presumably long after the events of the core series. The second episode is really special, and has never made me wish Adventure Time would continue properly. It reveals so much about the characters, particularly the show’s two leading female characters and heroines, Marceline The Vampire Queen, & Princess Bonnabell Bubblegum, the Princess/Queen/Monarch/Brilliant Scientist that rules the Candy Kingdom. It was clear from early on in the show that these two essentially immortal characters go WAYYYYYYY back, and we are treated to snippets of their pasts and their relationship throughout the show, but the bombshell that drops in the HBO MAX episode


    finally clears up their early antagonism towards each other as well as answers the question of why Finn and PB could never be, as well as why their emotional connection was so raw in the early seasons of the show. Not only have they apparently been friends since far earlier in their lives, & although Marcilene and Simon definitely go back further, PB and Marcilene likely go back to relatively soon after the Lich’s Armageddon wiped most of humanity from the Earth, apparently causing some very bizarre evolutionary niches and a breakdown in the structure of reality, creating a world of infinite possibilities for a whole bunch of zany entities to evolve, such as Rainicorns, Fire Folk, Talking Animals, Magic users, & all the other bizarre types of creatures and citizens that inhabit the far future version of Earth, now known as Ooo, on which the show (mostly) takes place, most of them with their own Princesses (All apparently because of what the Lich did – as Finn’s wishing the Lich never existed shows us a parallel version of the future in which Humanity is still alive, dogs don’t talk, & the only one who seems to know something is wrong is a very old version of Marcilene – the Vampire Queen doesn’t age in the canon version of Ooo. Although this future is all but devoid of humans, save Finn, Finn’s Terrible Dad, who we only meet a few times, but in every case he exposes yet another Trope of the uncaring, absentee father, Finn’s Mom, who we know little about, possibly Tiffany, Bette, & Simon, as well as some post-humans like MOE, BMO’s ancient Cyborg Creator, & evidence that colonies of Genetically and Technologically enhanced humans exist, or at least did exist, and a few of whom are still roaming about. And as we discover in the last seasons of the show, these enhanced humans include Susan Strong – who it turns out was a human all along. But the most crucial element of the relationship between PB & Marcilene, is that they are together, appear to have acknowledged they’ve always been soulmates, & which we can infer from hints and nuanced reactions and statements throughout the series, isn’t their first romantic relationship. At the end of the episode, we meet a bearded and fully grown Finn Mertens – and, sadly, it appears as though Jake had long since passed on, for while they can talk, and Jake can stretch his body into almost anything (a power, it is revealed in the final season, that comes from his Blue Alien Dad, who we learn somehow got his offspring into Jake’s Dad, and just like Athena was born from Zeus’ head, so was Jake “born” from his Earthly Father’s usually Fedora bedecked head.

    I’m definitely grabbing this set. I don’t care for micro transactions, but as a 45 year old adult, as yet without kids, I am a firm fan of Adventure Time, and I think it is one of the best TV shoes ever made – for humans and dogs of all ages.

    I sincerely hope that HBO MAX picks up the show in a more reliable and consistent, syndicated form. It would be a wise move, as the show has legions of fans, from kids and their parents, to discerning viewers such as myself. Perhaps rebooting the earlier dynamics of the show thanks to a little help from the Cosmic Owl. Or else picking up after Bette sacrifices herself to prevent GLOB from destroying The Land of Ooo.

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