Immortals Fenyx Rising Golden Amber Locations

Golden Amber in Immortals Fenyx Rising is a consumable item that you can find around the game, and it’s necessary to upgrade the potions you make. So, as you might imagine, figuring out where to find and how to use Golden Amber is relatively important, and that’s what we’ll be discussing in our Immortals Fenyx Rising Golden Amber Locations guide. Fortunately, they’re not exactly the rarest resource in the game, but still, you do have to pay attention if you want to be at peak efficiency.

immortals fenyx rising golden amber locations
Immortals Fenyx Rising Golden Amber Locations

Where to Find Golden Amber in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

To find Golden Amber in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you basically have to go around the world, opening chests and chopping down trees. Well, that’s a little oversimplified. It is a fact that the Golden Amber is going to drop from pretty much every single chest that you open, so you’re pretty much set on that. When it comes to chopping down trees, you have to be looking out for thin trees glowing near the bottom. Cut them down with a heavy attack, down to the root, to reveal the Amber. The game tells you that you need to look out for glowing stumps, and that much is true, but as far as we can tell, you can sometimes see it glowing even when the tree is whole.

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How to Use Immortals Fenyx Rising Golden Amber?

To use Golden Amber in Immortals Fenyx Rising, go to the Hall of the Gods and interact with the Cauldron of Circe. Hermes will take you there relatively early on, while the game is still teaching you the ins and outs. Basically, you use the cauldron to make different potions; for health, stamina, attack, and defense, to be more precise. That part is relatively clear. However, if you hit the arrow thingy in the center, you can get into a sub-menu where you can improve the effects of your potions by spending Golden Amber. These effects vary quite a lot, depending on the type of potion, so make sure you think extra hard about which upgrades you want.

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