Reach Epic Chest Near Observatory in Clashing Rocks - Immortals Fenyx Rising - Hermes's Secret Hideaway

There’s a particular chest near the Observatory, in the Clashing Rocks area of Immortals Fenyx Rising. There’s several of them there, huddled close together, but this one is something else. No matter how hard you look, you won’t be able to find it. It’s like it’s in another dimension. If you’re having trouble finding it, this guide will show you how to reach epic chest near Observatory in Clashing Rocks in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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immortals fenyx rising chest near observatory clashing rocks
Reach Epic Chest Near Observatory in Clashing Rocks

How to find the Epic Chest under Observatory on the first island in Immortals Fenyx Rising

First of all, stop looking for it. Seriously. It’s not there. It’s not at the Observatory – it’s not even in the area. It might not even exist on the map, in a strict sense. It’s hidden away in Hermes’s Secret Hideaway, a place you can’t access at will. It’s a place you’ll randomly be teleported to when fast traveling to the Hall of Gods. Yeah, it’s that simple. However, there’s no telling how many hours you’ll have to wait before the game allows you to pick it up.

It’s likely the stupidest thing you’ll experience in this game. If you’re a completionist looking to hoover up all the icons – well tough luck. You’ll just have to wait for the random numbers generator to take pity on you and let you in. Or just forget about it entirely – we got a measly armor skin out of it, which is definitely not worth losing any sleep over.

You should instead look into more rewarding pursuits, like the lyre challenges that reward you with Charon coins, and you can cheat them and skip the boring part by checking out our guide. Or one of several vaults on the island. Or just getting away from the damn place – all the other areas are much more fun.



  1. J

    If you do a nose dive off the observatory and take a bunch of damage (I had 7 bars and it nearly killed me) and then eat pomegranate (not potions but pomegranate) back to full health then fast travel from there to the Hall of Gods it should take you there instead. It worked on my first try.

  2. R

    I played the game normaly and fasttravel from time to zime back to the hall of gods to take quests, upgrade stuff whatever. It took me not even 25% of the game until i landed there.

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