Immortals Fenyx Rising Grove of Kleos Lyre Myth Challenge Solutions

There are only two lyre myth challenges in the Grove of Kleos in Immortals Fenyx Rising. In order to complete them, you’ll have to find the two small lyres, complete the puzzles to reach them, then play them and memorize the sequence. Then you head over to the big lyre, near the statue of Athens, and play the sequences. If you don’t want to go through all that, this guide will show you Immortals Fenyx Rising Grove of Kleos lyre myth challenge solutions.

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immortals fenyx rising grove of kleos lyre myth challenge puzzle solutions
Immortals Fenyx Rising Grove of Kleos Lyre Myth Challenge Solutions

Grove of Kleos lyre challenge combinations

The first small lyre is east of Athena’s Sanctuary. You need to press three buttons in order to enter the room with the lyre. The first one is unlocked by moving the heavy crates on the left – once the last one is on the pressure plate, you can push the first one out and onto the plate that unlocks the switch. The get to the second one, the one in front of the door, break the red gunk and light the brazier.

The last one is unlocked by going to the right, breaking the weak wall and throwing the boxes found inside into the caged building in front of you. Stand on the pressure plate and chuck two into the middle section. This will open up the section on the left – chuck another two there. If they fall onto the pressure plate, they’ll unlock the last switch. The combination is 2,1,3,4.

The other lyre is on the northern edge of the area, north of the lake. Stand on the switch and fire a guided arrow to light the two braziers in front of the statue. Afterwards, head down into the room under the statue and push the boxes around to get one of them onto the pressure plate. This will open the door to the room with the lyre. The combination is 1,4,3.


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