Immortals Fenyx Rising Piece of Nike Locations

Piece of Nike in Immortals Fenyx Rising are a special kind of hidden collectibles that you can find scattered around the map, and they seem to unlock some kind of hidden cavern. The reward for figuring out where to find the Immortals Fenyx Rising pieces of Nike is an allure in an of itself. However, there’s also the sense of adventure, since these collectibles are relatively well hidden, and there’s a whole mystery to unravel here. With all that said, in our Immortals Fenyx Rising Piece of Nike Locations guide, we’re going to show you where to find them all.

immortals fenyx rising piece of nike locations
Immortals Fenyx Rising Piece of Nike Locations

Where to Find Piece of Nike Locations in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

To find the first Piece of Nike Immortals Fenyx Rising location, you can climb up the giant statue of Aphrodite in the Valley of Eternal Spring. The main quests are going to lead you there at some point, anyways. The entirety of the mountain that the statue seems to be carved out of is called, appropriately, Goddess of Love. So, as you climb up the statue, go to the area around the Aphrodite’s chest. You’ll find a plateau there, with a large, black map and a birdcage. Approach the cage and open it to release the first Piece of Nike.

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The second Piece of Nike in Immortals Fenyx Rising is in the War’s Den region, in the east, southwest of the big island. It’s on top of one of the towers, next to the giant crossbow. There’s no particular trick to reaching it; you just have to know where it is. That’s what the screenshots below are for.

Piece of Nike #3 is also in War’s Den, to the north of the previous location. More specifically, it’s in the area called The Forgelands. Again, there’s no particular trick to find it, just go to the location. Check out the pictures to see where to go.

The fourth and final Piece of Nike in Fenyx Rising is on the big island to the west of Grove of Kleos. It’s at the top of a mountain in the south of the island. Clamber up to the top, open the cage, and free the last Piece of Nike. Time to head for your reward, as here, you get the Symbolic Victory quest.

Where to Find & Free Nike in Fenyx Rising – Symbolic Victory

To find and free Nike in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and complete the Symbolic Victory quest, head to the southeast of the Valley of Eternal Spring. Specifically, you’re after the question mark northeast of the Hall of Gods. The question mark kinda looks like it’s on the other side of the ravine, but it is, in fact, inside the ravine. So, you’re gonna have to carefully glide down, looking for a square entrance into the cliff wall. It’s across from the grassy ledge inside the ravine. Go inside, and after a brief cutscene, you’ll get your rewards. Not gonna spoil what they are, but honestly, it’s kinda meh overall. Still, it’s all about the adventure anyway, right?

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