Injustice 2 Editions & Pre-Order Bonus Complete List

With the release date set for May 16, 2017 we get a chance to see what the editions and pre-order bonuses have to offer. If you visit the official Injustice 2 website, you can find the links to the stores that sell physical copies or offer digital download. It might take you a while, since there are links for not only the USA, but for 12 other countries, as well.

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Injustice 2 Editions
Injustice 2 Editions

Many of the countries found in the list don’t have the Deluxe and Ultimate editions in the store info. Hopefully, they’ll be there soon, as we’re getting close to the release date. Countries listed here are: United States, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Pre-order Bonus for Injustice 2

If you pre-order the game, you get to use Darkseid from the start. Darkseid is one of the greatest villains in the DC universe. If you pre-order any of the three editions, you’ll find him in your character roster.

Darkseid Injustice 2 Pre-Order Bonus
Darkseid Pre-Order Bonus

If you pre-order the game on the PlayStation store, you’ll also get the Injustice 2 – Pre-Order Theme.

Injustice 2 Standard Edition

The Standard Injustice 2 Edition costs $ 59.99. You can get it as a physical copy, or download it digitally. This version is found in all the other editions, but without the bonus content. The superhero on the cover of this edition is Superman.

Injustice 2 Digital Deluxe Edition

Digital Deluxe Injustice 2 Edition bundle costs $ 79.99. It includes the game, three DLC fighters, one premier skin and one exclusive gear shader pack. This edition doesn’t have a physical copy, or, at least, it is not listed.

The premier skin transforms your Supergirl into Power Girl, with an all-new look, voice and dialogue. It’s no wonder that Supergirl is on the cover of this version. The exclusive defender shader pack customizes the look of your roster.

Ultimate Edition Injustice 2

The Ultimate Injustice 2 Edition is the most expensive one. It costs $ 99.99 and comes in a digital and physical version. It includes the game, nine DLC fighters, three premier skins and two exclusive gear shader packs.

Three primer skins transform Flash, Green Lantern and Supergirl into alternate characters, with new looks, voices and dialogue. Two shaders come as the destroyer and defender shader packs. Batman is on the cover here. Is it because he is the most wealthy one?

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