Injustice 2 How to Get Darkseid Preorder Bonus Code

Darkseid is a preorder bonus character in Injustice 2. This means you’ll get him for free if you’ve bought the game before release day. However, there are some issues, and a bunch of people are having trouble unlocking their bonus, not receiving the code, etc. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Darkseid preorder bonus code in Injustice 2, depending on how you bought the game.

injustice 2 how to unlock darkseid preorder bonus code
How to unlock Darkseid preorder bonus

Darkseid PSN preorder

If you’ve preordered digitally via PSN, you might not be seeing Darkseid in the roster. There are several things you could do to fix the problem:

  • Check the game’s DLCs in the store, see if you can download them manually. Sometimes games don’t download add-ons automatically even if you’ve told them to.
  • Restore licences from the settings menu on your PS4 (it’s under PSN account management).
  • Restart the console.
  • Reinstall the game (do this only if the other methods didn’t work, since it takes a while to download again).

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Darkseid Amazon preorder bonus code missing

Some players who’ve preordered on Amazon are complaining about missing their preorder bonus code. You should receive your code via email, so give it a couple of days. If it doesn’t show up soon, contact Amazon’s support and explain the situation in detail.

Darkseid DLC retail code

If you’ve bought the retail version of Injustice 2, there are several places you should check:

  • On the receipt from the store (it’s usually clearly marked, but double-check it anyway).
  • In the booklet, or on a piece of paper tucked in beside it.
  • Under the disc itself.

How to get Darkseid if you didn’t preorder

If you haven’t preordered the game, you can still get your hands on Darkseid at any time. You’ll have to cough up some cash, though. On the roster screen, just hover over his image, and you’ll be prompted to press a button to purchase him. We haven’t been able to check whether you can buy him using in-game money.

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  1. C

    I Can’t find the Darkseid code, I preordered from the retail version at GameStop but still can’t find anything! What will it say by the code?

  2. J

    I pre orderd the game for Xbox one at GameStop I entered my code it says the code has already been redeemed but I never entered it. Is there a way I can get another code or fix this isuse

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