Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition DLC Content Not Showing Up

The Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2 includes 9 DLC fighters and 3 premier skins. Included in the bundle are Power Girl, Reverse Flash, and John Stewart’s Green Lantern. However, some players have been having problems with their Ultimate Edition content not appearing, or they just have trouble finding it.

Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition DLC Content Not Showing Up
Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition DLC Content Not Showing Up

Those who have bought the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition will get their money’s worth, it seems. The edition comes with nine DLC fighters and three premier skins. Now that the game has launched, though, there seems to be some trouble with finding what they paid for in the game itself. Specifically, there’s been some issues with finding the skins – Reverse Flash, John Stewart’s Green Lantern and Power Girl.

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For some, the problem might stem from a simple mix-up. Players might have confused the premier skins with actual fighters. The skins aren’t in the character selection screen, because they’re not characters, they’re costumes. Instead, you have to select the character, then find the appropriate skin in the outfit color selection screen and equip it in your loadout (Reverse Flash for the Flash, John Stewart for Green Lantern, and Power girl for Supergirl). Basically, you select them like you’d select an alternate costume.

If the premier skins aren’t showing up where they should, there’s a few easy fixes you can try. The first thing you should attempt is to restart the game once you get the DLC. This ought to fix it. If not, you might have to re-download the Ultimate Edition DLC after you install the game.

Premier skins in Injustice 2 are more than simple color swaps. They change the look, yes, but they also change the voices and have completely new dialogue matching the character they represent. They don’t change the way the character plays, though. Basically, the premier skins are just a more detailed cosmetic item to show off.

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  1. B
    Barry Allen

    Your “solution” does not address the fact that the code that comes with the Ultimate Edition does not seem to be working for many people (PS4 and XBOX1).

    1. S

      I preordered it on xbox not buying it at a store and i cant get any skins or stuff i was promised i spent 100 dollars on the ultimate edition just for the reverse flash and what do i get? nothing i made the mistake of buying him for 4 dollars when i should have got him free so if the other characters magicly appear, i wasted 4 dollars on him and even the severs are down so i cant ask other people playing the game if they got theres. Oh but it gave me darkseid for free just not anything else, so let me know if yours gets fixed. P.S I really wanted Just revese flash but nope the company is like f u give me money!

      1. D

        I was getting frustrated as well. I realized that I had to go back into the store and installed each skin separately

      2. M
        Mark Kopman

        me too

    2. S

      My code isn’t working either

  2. R
    Ryan Watson

    I have all of the skins and shades installed but they’re not accessible.

  3. Y

    I have all the skins but I have to buy them with source crystals and I don’t have the shaders

  4. M
    Mark Kopman

    I can’t seem to find my DLC chanceters.

  5. D
    DUB C

    I purchased the ultimate edition of Injustice 2 and I still a can’t access the DLC I’ve tried to reinstall the game I’ve tried to reinstall the DLC after the game and I still do not have access to any of the shaders or skins even though it says it’s installed and yes I’ve tried to restart my game several times

  6. K
    Kenny saetern

    I installed my characters but it just says no content

  7. M
    Mark Leslie

    I know of a way to fix this on PS4 just go to Settings PlayStation Network/Account Management then Restore Licenses my nephews game did this so I told him to do this and it worked for him

  8. F

    It says I have downloaded the DLC content but won’t give it to me.

  9. B

    I don’t have red hood even though I had to download him separately

  10. J

    We share an Xbox One
    On her account the skins stick and stay each time She logs in.
    On his account he has to reset all of his skins each time he logs in.
    Anyone found a solution?

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