Injustice 2 How to Unlock Skins & Alternate Costumes

Skins are alternate costumes in Injustice 2. They completely change the look of your character, while keeping the moveset. Using premier skines, you can make Captain Cold look and sound like Mr. Freeze. They don’t offer any gameplay advantages – they’re purely cosmetic. Sadly, they’re really hard to unlock, as they require a special currency. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock skins in Injustice 2.

You’ll need soul crystals to unlock most of the skins. They’re a premium currency – the easiest way to get them is by purchasing them with real money. You’ll get them as rewards on occasion, but only in small amounts.

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Reverse Flash

injustice 2 reverse flash skin

Reverse Flash is a skin for The Flash. We’re not sure which iteration of the supervillain it represents, but It’s the Eobard Thawne version, and the costume has the recognizable yellow tint with the red upside-down flashes on the sides of the head. You can unlock it by spending 6000 soul crystals.

Jay Garrick Flash

jay garrick flash costume injustice 2

This alternate costume turns The Flash as most people know him into the first version of Flash. He has a WW1-era helmet with tiny wings and leather boots. It was a simpler time. You can purchase the costume for 6000 soul crystals.

John Stewart Green Lantern

john stewart green lantern skin injustice 2

John Stewart is one of the many Green Lanterns fans of the comics have had the chance to follow. He was the first African-American hero to appear in a DC comic. You can reskin your Green Lantern into this version for the standard fee of 6000 soul crystals.

Power Girl

injustice 2 power girl skin

Power Girl is an alternative costume for Supergirl. There’s really not much change here, except for the fact that Power Girl has a more revealing outfit. You can get this skin for the usual six thousand crystals.

Mr. Freeze

mr freeze costume injustice 2

The Mr. Freeze skin changes Captain Cold into his more famous cousin. Because who wants to play as Captain Cold anyway? As expected, you’ll need to shell out 6k soul crystals in order to unlock it.


vixen costume injustice 2

Vixen is a reskin for Cheetah. Although they share the same moveset, it lets you essentially turn an evil character into a good one. Be prepared to spen 6000 soul crystals for a chance to play as the supermodel-turned-superhero, though.


injustice 2 grid skin alternate costume

Grid is an alternate skin for Cyborg. He’s featured in the story as a minion of Brainiac. Unlike the others, he’s not for sale. In order to unlock him, you’ll have to link your game with the Injustice 2 mobile app.

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