Injustice 2 Patch 1.10 Deleting Gear & Shaders on PS4 & Xbox One

Injustice 2 players have been experiencing some serious problems with patch 1.10. The update has been erasing gear and shaders for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners. Both NetherRealm Studios and Warner Brothers Games have acknowledged the problem, but haven’t offered any concrete solutions as of the time of writing.

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Injustice 2 Patch 1.10 Deleting Gear & Shaders on PS4 & Xbox One
Injustice 2 Patch 1.10 Deleting Gear & Shaders on PS4 & Xbox One

If you’re having trouble with Injustice 2 after downloading the latest Patch 1.10, you’re not close to alone. It seems that the new update, which was supposed to prepare the game for Raiden, has been deleting shaders and gear for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players left and right. Since the patch dropped on Tuesday, players have been complaining en masse all over the internet – forums, Twitter, you name it. Netherrealm acknowledged the problem on Twitter, but the problem has been persisting. Finally, WB Games chimed in, with a post on their support page. Here it is, in its entirety:

“We’re aware that some players who downloaded the most recent Injustice 2 patch are missing Gear they have earned. For those affected by this issue – please try and reboot the game after installing the patch. This should recover any Gear earned before 9/25. If you earned gear after 9/25 that was not restored, the game team is still investigating this issue. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this has caused and thank you for your patience!”

So, there you have it. Whatever you earned before September 25th, you might be able to get back if you install the patch and restart the game. Maybe. On the other hand, whatever you’ve earned after that date is still lost. Hopefully, NetherRealm and Warner Bros will be able to fix this mess soon, and everybody will get their missing stuff back. We don’t need another Arkham Knight. Also, note the rating on that post. Ouch.

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