Destiny 2 Iron Banner Rumors Hint at PVP Event's Return

Rumor has it that Iron Banner might be making an appearance in Destiny 2 soon. The PVP monthly event from the previous game could be returning in the near future, and some screenshots have surfaced along with the claim. It’s not that far fetched, really – a lot of stuff from the first game was transfered over with minial changes. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Iron Banner followed suit. Still, grain of salt and all that.

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destiny 2 iron banner rumor
Destiny 2 Iron Banner Rumors Hint at PVP Event’s Return

The rumor originated on Reddit, as so many of them do, where user VandalSplicer posted a set of images and some info. They didn’t mention how the images were obtained, though. Seeing how some of them are surprisingly low-res, it would be nice to know whether they were pulled from the game itself, or found in some other way.

According to the post, Lord Saladin will act as your Iron Banner liaison once again. He’ll be at the Tower this time, and will dispense daily quests (but no bounties). Completing them will yield tokens, which you’ll return to him and exchange for engrams and equipment. He is supposed to offer all new items, not just re-skinned versions of existing ones. Three new emblems are also mentioned – Lens of Fate, Shades of Radegast and Felwinter Frost.

The event is supposedly going to start off by having a quest that leads you to Saladin, after which you’ll have to complete Iron Banner challenges. These will reward you with reputation bundles, which could contain the tokens we mentioned.

More stuff is always good news, especially in a game like Destiny 2, where the basic package can get stale fast. Variety is the spice of a guardian’s life, after all. Hopefully the rumor ends up being true, and we get to experience Iron Banner once more soon.

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