Injustice 2 Robin Gameplay Trailer Released

NetherRealm have released another trailer for Injustice 2. The new video showcases Damian Wayne as Robin – his banter as he faces Batman, his regular moves and special combos, as well a finisher that involves disappearing in a puff of smoke, strangely leaving his sword behind.

injustice 2 robin gameplay trailer
Injustice 2 Robin

There’s a lot of pent up anger in that boy. He resents his dad for not liking him better than the other Robins, while Batman holds a grudge of the deaths Damian has caused. Christmas must be fun in the Wayne household. You can also see him face off against Aquaman and Deadshot in the trailer, although there’s no fancy dialogue in those fights. Just plain old head smashing.

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As far the moves are concerned, the sword is the axis of all his attacks, and it makes a wonderful sound as it cuts through the air. He also sports explosive and smoke batarangs (robinarangs?), and a handy teleporter which allows him to blindside his enemies. The boy is not to be messed with.

The trailer ends by showing the different editions of the game. Weirdly enough, the differences are quite substantial. The deluxe edition offers three more fighters than the standard one, while the ultimate edition has nine more characters than the regular. It’s unclear whether these will be available at launch, or if they’re going to be added later as DLC. The more expensive editions will also include premium skins, as well as gear shaders. If you preorder, regardless of edition, you’ll get to play as Darkseid.

Injustice 2 is going to be released on May 16th, on PS4 and Xbox One. A PC port is all but inevitable (at a later date, though) but seeing how Warner Bros have treated PC ports in the past, it’s not really something to look forward to.

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