Mass Effect Andromeda Ryder Family, Liam Kosta & Cora Harper Briefing

The Pathfinder team briefing trailer is a part of the Andromeda Initiative Briefing. This is the fourth briefing new Andromeda members have to go through. The first three were Welcome/ Orientation, Arks & Nexus, Tempest & Nomad. Once you complete your training by watching all six videos in the future, you’ll unlock an exclusive in-game Pathfinder Helmet. Furthermore, you’ll get The Platinum Nomad Skin if you sign up for the Andromeda Initiative.

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2.5 million light years away from home is a long way in one direction. To withstand the difficulties of the new corner of space, you’ll need a group of companions you can rely on. The same group that we’re introduced to in the trailer is the one we are stuck with.

Alec Ryder Liam Kosta Scott Sarah Ryder Cora Harper Mass Effect Andromeda
Human Pathfinder Team Mass Effect Andromeda

Alec Ryder

Every ark has its own team, and every team has its own Pathfinder. They are senior mission officers, experts in survival, diplomacy and, if that fails, combat. Alec Ryder is our Hyperion Pathfinder. He was a member of the original task force that traveled through Charon Mass Relay, and took humanity’s first steps through the galaxy.

Liam Kosta

His position is Crisis Response. He is our security person that comes with civilian tactical training. He is the team’s idealist. His connection with Alec Ryder is strong. Alec was the one who hand-picked Liam for the Pathfinder Team.

Scott and Sara Ryder

The Ryder brothers are the two characters you can chose to play at the start of the game. They are pathfinder’s son and daughter, former alliance recruiters, in their mid twenties, … This is their first trip to the outer space.

Cora Harper

Lieutenant Cora Harper is the second-in-command of the Pathfinder team. She is the voice the of the Pathfinder team briefing. She is a human biotic, team operation specialist in charge of ground missions. She’s spent the last four years serving with the Asari commandos. We can see her romancing Scott Ryder in the newest. #2 cinematic trailer.


It is short for Simulated Adaptive Matrix. S.A.M is an A.I. designed by the Pathfinder itself. From his node in the Ark, S.A.M receives direct feed of the Pathfinder sensory input via a neuron implant. It sees and feels as Ryder does, providing him advance situational awareness, problem solving and even tactical enhancement. All members of the Pathfinder team receive implants, allowing them to communicate directly with S.A.M.

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