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Ancient Tombs are special locations in Just Cause 3. They are easily recognized by the blue flowers growing on top of them. They are all hidden around Insula Striate. Visiting all of them and paying respects will unlock a special weapon in Rebel Drops – the Urga Stupka 210 mortar launcher. It will also give you the Tomb Raider achievement. This guide will show you all Ancient Tomb locations in JC3.

Ancient Tombs in JC3

just cause 3 ancient tomb locations
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There are 23 tombs on the island, and the easiest way to visit them all would be by using a chopper – you’ll easily notice them from the air, so you just have to land and interact with each one. Watch out for clusters of blue flowers while you’re flying – every tomb is covered with them. Once you pay your respects at the last one, a pop-up will inform you of your new weapon.
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  1. C

    You can put c4 on one of the tombs and the mortar will be there to pick up, so it is not necessary to find all of the tombs 😉

    1. J

      It is necessary to find all if you want them in your rebel drop

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