Just Cause 3 Teaser Trailer Released

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have just published a teaser trailer for Just Cause 3. The video, entitled “Firestarter”, contains no gameplay footage whatsoever, but it does show the devs understand what the series is all about – explosions.
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It’s explosions.

Come holiday season, we’ll be able to follow Rico to the made-up Mediterranean republic of Medici, his own homeland, where a vicious dictator is wreaking havoc (naturally). The developers are promising 400 square miles of land on which to set fires and blow things up, with lots of new toys and weapons. The only new plaything that’s been officially announced is the wingsuit (as seen in the new trailer), which is supposed to work wonders together with the grappling hook and parachute.

Along with the video, they’ve also released a bunch of pretty pictures out into the wild, so feast your eyes some more. Yes, that is a car parked up a wall.

Grain of salt time: We don’t know much about Just Cause 3 yet, but it seems the creators’ hearts are in the right place. On the downside, the previous game too often let content get in the way of playing the game. Too much stuff was locked away behind awful mandatory missions, fortress takeovers and similar guff. We don’t even want to remember the script writing and voice acting. It was a marvelous toy that insisted on showing you its boring parts as soon as you’ve started having too much fun. Let’s hope third time really is the charm.

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