This Was Supposed to Be A Western Trophy | Just Cause 3

This was supposed to be a western is an achievement in Just Cause 3. You’ll get it after you destroy all Chaos objects in a military base without leaving your vehicle.
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This guide will show you how to unlock This was supposed to be a Western achievement in JC 3.

this was supposed to be a western achievement jc3

JC3 Western Achievement

Here are some tips on how to achieve this:
  • You need to do this in a Military Base – doing it in outposts, cities and villages won’t unlock the trophy.
  • Look at the icons in the top left corner – they’ll show you how many objects you have left.
  • Helicopters are a bad choice.
  • Tanks are great for this – choose a base that has a tank inside, like the Cima Leon Silo.
  • If you’ve already liberated too many bases, you can wait until you finish the main story – this will allow you to reset military bases.
  • Glide into the base using the wingsuit and parachute, jump into the tank and start wrecking.
  • You can safely ignore foot soldiers, but take care of vehicles as soon as they appear – they can cause serious damage.
  • Do not leave the tank until you’ve liberated the base.


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