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Without Bullets is an achievement in Just Cause 3. To unlock it, you’ll have to destroy every Chaos object in a military base without using weapons, grenades or planted explosives.
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This means you’ll have to rely on your grappling hook only. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Without Bullets trophy in Just Cause 3.

just cause 3 without bullet achievement

How to unlock Without Bullets JC3 achievement

There’s a couple of things you should keep in mind when gunning for this trophy:
  • Only military bases count – no settlements or outposts.
  • If you’ve already cleared much of the bases, you can wait until you finish the story – they’ll reset after the last story mission.
  • The Vis Electra base is a good choice. There aren’t many soldiers defending it, and the objects are few as well.
  • You can see how many more Chaos objects are left by checking the icons in the upper left corner.
  • Make sure you use only the tethers from your grappling hook. Attach the objects to either the ground or explosive barrels and vehicles, then activate them.
  • Sometimes you’ll need more than one tether to pull an object.



  1. B

    This achievement is bugged on Xbox one. You can’t get it on any base. Yet another reason games are way overpriced. This game is solid. 7/10, but with the 5 minute load times and 6 min on pc, with the buggy gameplay, from not registering vehicles u drop on a garage to not registering completed quests this is just a huge sandbox of shit. When it does work it’s very fun to play. This “walkthrough” however is obviously missing a lot of info…

    -What if an enemy destroys a chaos object with a chopper/tank missile?
    -When you have rebel support can you use that since you’re not using a gun/grenade/planted explosive?
    If you die during the capture all your progress is moot and you can no longer get the achievement.
    -what if I fling a car into a chaos object and it explodes, does that count?

    Mayne if you’re gonna write a walkthrough, try to actually walk us through it instead of half assing it by simply refrasing the achievement description. Smh.

    1. C

      Bugged on PS4 as well!

    2. A

      Read the achievement. YOU cannot use your weapons or explosives!
      I got the achievement on PC with artillery taking out some chaos object.
      Don’T use rebels. Means do not open gates or whatever when they ask.
      You CAN die and still finish, but again, use only the hook.
      If the car is hooked with your tethers, yes…

      And keep your damn rant to yourself, little console kiddo.

  2. 1

    Thanks for the help! I was wondering ways to complete this!

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