Kingdom Come Deliverance Bird in The Hand - Nightingale Locations

A Bird in The Hand is a quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You can pick it up really early on, as soon as you arrive in Rattay. You simply have to talk to Berthold the huntsman, and he’ll tell you all about how he lost three really expensive birds. He’ll give you some traps and ask you to bring him his nightingales back. Finding and catching the birds can be a chore, but our Kingdom Come Deliverance Bird in The Hand quest guide should help.

kingdom come deliverance a bird in the hand quest
Kingdom Come Deliverance Bird in The Hand Quest – Nightingale Locations

Where to find nightingales in Bird in The Hand quest?

The game will mark the area where you should look for them, in the forest west of Rattay. However, it won’t mark each individual bird. You’re supposed to find them by ear – the huntsman will try to immitate the nightingale’s song in case you don’t know what it sounds like. In case you do know what nightingales sound like, keep in mind the ones in the game sound more like donkeys being castrated. As soon as you hear a blood-chilling cry you can’t really attribute to any living creature – that’s them.

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kingdome come bird in the hand nightingale locations

How to set bird cage traps in Bird in The Hand quest?

When you identify the nightmarish sound, you’re supposed to roam around the area until you find the spot where it’s the loudest. Once there, simply open the inventory, find the traps and drop them. There’s no special prompt for setting the bird cages – you just drop them as if discarding them. Then you speed up time for an hour, and the bird should be inside.

A Bird in The Hand quest bugs & glitches

Sadly, there are a bunch of bugs surrounding this quest. If you haven’t started solving it, it’s probably better to wait until a patch fixes things up. People have been reporting getting stuck in conversation with the huntsman as they deliver the birds, cages disappearing after they’ve been set, and similar. Reloading the game helps sometimes, but there’s no guarantee.

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  1. D

    I used the map you posted after the quest glitched for me and the birds stopped doing that crazy bird call. I dropped a marker in the middle of your circles even though the birds weren’t calling in my game , walked away, read a skill book for two hours, went back, and lol and behold the birds were in the cages.

  2. J

    This is going to sound crazy but mine didn’t work unless I had my horse parked over the spot and waited an hour. When I dropped the trap it said on the map it was my horse. I finally called him over and laid one, waited an hour and lo and behold the caught bird was under my horse. Silly glitch or the trap is horse based. May help some of you having trouble.

  3. T

    The bugs in this quest are unfortunately still around and can make it basically uncompletable.

    For anyone who hasn’t started this quest yet, the solution seems to be to never save or load your game after accepting the quest. Basically you have to accept the quest, do all the objectives and go back to deliver it all without saving or loading. I don’t know if this also involves fast-traveling, so I would absolutely try to do it all without doing it. There are threats in the quest area (don’t want to spoil anything further), so this might take some time to do properly until the bug is patched.

  4. T
    Thomas Harper

    Same here dropped the cages and the dissapeared…

    1. P

      you probably put them in the horse bag

  5. E

    I dropped my cages, they vanished, but it said 2/3 of them set. The next day it told me to pick up the cages, but all 3 of them were in the camp outside the quest zone, at least as far as markers were concerned… one cage was at its marker, one was not near its marker but instead was in the river, and the 3rd is yet to be found, and nowhere near its marker.

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