Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers Quest How to Sabotage Camp

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers is a main quest in the game. During the Nest of Vipers quest, you’ll have the option to sabotage a bandit camp. Your main objective is to scout out the camp, and the sabotage is optional. However, if you really want to do it, we’ll explain how to sabotage the bandit camp in Nest of Vipers in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and how to complete the quest.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers Quest How to Sabotage Camp
Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers Quest How to Sabotage Camp

Where to Find Bandit Camp in Kingdom Come Deliverance Nest of Vipers Quest?

To find the bandit camp, you’ll have to travel pretty far to the north of the map, to the ruined village of Pribyslavitz. If you follow Timmy’s instructions from the previous quest, you can’t miss it. To start off, follow the map marker / waypoint to the north. A little to the north, you’ll find the fork in the road with the ruined cabin. You next step is to go straight, but if you take the road to the right, you’ll find an alchemist in the forest, where you can buy some poison and other stuff. The poison comes into use later.

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Follow the path northwards from the ruined cabin until you come across the crossroads. Hang a left on this junction, then take another left to the next crossroads. At that junction, carry on straight forward, and slowly approach the bridge. You’ll now be at the bandit camp, so be careful not to get noticed.

where to find bandit camp nest of vipers kingdom come deliverance
Location of bandit camp

Your next objective is to scout out the camp. Circle around to gather as much info as possible, but your main goal are the several ruined houses in the camp. Approach them carefully, and you’ll get the prompt to go back to Sir Radzig. However, you can also opt to sabotage the camp. It’s totally optional and pretty difficult, but it can be done.

How to Sabotage Nest of Vipers Bandit Camp in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

To sabotage the bandit camp in Nest of Vipers, you can poison their food and/or set their arrows on fire. This is much easier said than done. There are several cauldrons in the camp with the food cooking in them, and there’s a barrel of arrows not far away from the cauldrons. Plus, it’s crawling with enemies, and escaping them is pretty difficult. There’s no way that you can fight them all off, so not getting caught is paramount.

There is a way to make it easier on yourself. At the far north end of the camp, you’ll find the part that the Cumans occupy. If you wear Cuman gear and a face-hiding helmet, you’ll be able to walk around the camp with relative safety. Near the entrance, there’s a hut that has a chest inside with an easy-level lock. If you manage to jimmy the lock, you’ll find Cuman armor for you to wear. Alternatively, you can attempt to stealth-kill one of the patrolling Cumans and steal his gear. Neither is very easy, but it’ll save you a lot of trouble.

Once you have the Cuman armor, you’re still not completely in the clear. They all speak a language you don’t, so you’ll still be suspicious. Plus, if you killed a Cuman to get the armor, it might be stained, further raising suspicion. You will have some time to find the pots and arrows and sabotage them. This is probably best done during the night, to further up your chances. However, always make sure to have an escape route planned out. Keep in mind that you can only escape on horseback; the enemies here don’t get tired easily.

Kingdom Come Deliverance – How to Complete Nest of Vipers Quest?

After you scout out the bandit camp in Pribyslavitz (and sabotage it, if you want), it’s time to report back to Sir Radzig outside of Merhojed. When giving the information, make sure to mention that there are a lot of bandits, as well as Cumans, that they’re well-positioned, and that they’re making ladders.

After talking with Sir Radzig, make your way east to Talmberg to speak with Sir Divish. He’ll be in his castle, either on the first or second floor. After that conversation, you might want to not tell him that you’re ready to go right away. If you do, you’ll immediately go into the battle. If you’re not ready to fight right away, you better gear up before telling Divish that you’re ready.

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  1. D
    Doug Dimmadome

    If you have a good enough bow, you could literally get them to chase you to the bridge and pick them off one by one. I did that and managed to clear the whole camp. Ended up with a full inventory of armors and weapons worth 400 each on both me and my horse.

    1. J

      I like your style.

  2. S
    Sinn the Destroyer

    I couldn’t help myself earlier in the game and I really enjoyed the combat system…so I went bandit murdering for hours. I ended up fighting them 3-4 at a time. When I was done with the First spot of the rundown town bodies littered the streets. I finally ran into some trouble at the main side where the bandits reside and I ended up being cornered by too many to count. I killed two and ran…my screen was completely red. I hid, ate some potions and went back in to finish the job. I poisoned all the food, burned the arrows, saw the ladders and the hidden spot. I must have killed 60-70 of them. I have over 11k on my character. What was funny about the whole experience was when I began killing cumans by the boatloads a cut scene played. In this cut scene the guy I am after (I reported it but haven’t finished it yet, and I don’t remember his name) tells the bandits that they are allies and they shouldn’t be fighting. Henry walks by during this and as I decided to kill everyone I saw, he was wearing armor that didn’t make since for the area. It is almost like the game glitched and acted like I was stealthing through the camp dressed as a cumen. I wasn’t and it looked ridiculous. I was actually fighting a bandit when it happened and after the cut scene the bandit put his sword away and said good day.

    1. J

      So you’re the medieval version of The Punisher, is what you’re saying

  3. D

    I would like to say that the chest at the back of the camp is no longer easy, it’s rated hard

  4. M
    Michael Lipari

    Yeah you can just run through there and kill every guy and do every optional objective relatively easy if you can keep moving

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