Kingdom Come Deliverance From the Ashes How to Best Make Money

Earning money for your new town in the From the Ashes DLC for Kingdom Come Deliverance is very important. You have to manage your Groschen carefully to build the town from the ground up. There are several buildings that you can make in order to earn more money in From the Ashes, and some of them work together to produce even more money. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide on how to earn more money in Kingdom Come Deliverance From the Ashes DLC.

Kingdom Come Deliverance From the Ashes How to Best Make Money
Kingdom Come Deliverance From the Ashes How to Best Make Money

How to Start Making Money in From the Ashes DLC?

In order to start making money in From the Ashes, you’ll first have to invest some. First of all, you’re gonna have to build a Woodcutter’s Camp. It will put a dent in your finances, but it’s one you’re gonna have to take. Then, of course, you’ll have to build a road and a bridge to facilitate transport. Last, but most certainly not least, you’ll need the Trader. Complete the quest you get, and you’re gonna start getting resources through the Trader.

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The Trader will be the first money-maker, with about 50 Groschen worth of income (170 once you build the Stables). That in itself is pretty good, but the resources here are more important. Stuff such as charcoal, grain, stone, and livestock are going to allow you to start building your town further. Yes, buying resources is going to put you further into the red, but that’s a sacrifice you’re just gonna have to make in the beginning. For a bit more detail on the resources, you can check out our How to Get Stone, Charcoal, Grain in From the Ashes guide.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Way to Earn Money in From the Ashes

The best way to earn money in the From the Ashes DLC for Kingdom Come Deliverance is to build the Tavern, by far. Yes, it costs 8000 Groschen, but just at the base level, it earns you 500 Groschen back each day. Add in 3000 worth of upgrades, and you can get that up to 1000 a day of profit.

At this junction, it’s important to note that certain buildings can boost others. Same goes with the Tavern. If you have a baker, a butcher, and the Guardhouse, you can boost the earnings of the Tavern up to around 1300 Groschen a day. All of this costs money, of course, but the returns are worth it. As a side note, avoid building the Church and the Ratthouse as long as you can, aka until you’re certain that you have the means for them. They only drain your coffers, so you want to be firmly on your feet before building them.

From the Ashes – What to Build to Make more Money?

In order to make more money in From the Ashes, there are several other buildings you can create. One of them is the Forge, which costs the same as the Tavern initially, and also generates 500 Groschen. With the upgrades, you can raise that to 750 (plus 35 with a Guardhouse or Stables). Then, we have the Butcher’s and the Bakery. Both cost 4200 Groschen, plus some 500 for upgrades each. They earn up to 390 and 415 Groschen, respectively, plus some extra if you have the Tavern. Other buildings that you should build at some point include the Beehives, the Stable, and the Guardhouse. Each building generates some profit on their own, but even more importantly, they give the different bonuses to the other buildings.

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