How to Get Stone, Charcoal, Grain - From The Ashes Kingdom Come DLC

Stone, charcoal, grain and livestock are some of the resources you’ll need to gather in From the Ashes, the new DLC for Kingdom Come Deliverance. They’re used to upgrade your village, construct buildings and allow the artisans to do their job. You’ll need a reliable source for each of these, and it won’t be cheap. If you have trouble obtaining them, our From the Ashes how to get stone, charcoal, grain guide will help you.

How to Get Stone, Charcoal, Grain - From The Ashes Kingdom Come DLC
How to Get Stone, Charcoal, Grain – From The Ashes Kingdom Come DLC

If you build a trader in your village, you’ll get map markers for all the resources you need. However, if that’s not high on your list of building priorities, just scroll down and check out hte list we’ve made.

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Where to find stone – “I’ll think about it” bug

In order to get stone for your village, you’ll need to go to the quarry west of Talmberg. It’s the one where you got the monastery stone during the main story. Talk to Rupert, the guy in the red shirt. Be sure to save before talking to him, because there’s a nasty bug that can stop you from getting to the end of the conversation. See how much money you need, then reload. Once you have the money, return to him, save again, then try to buy the stone.

How to get charcoal?

When the time comes to get charcoal, just go to the nearest charcoal miners’ camp. There’s lots of them all around the map, and it seems like they’re all willing to sell it. Either visit one that’s closest to your village, or the location you’re currently at.

Where to find grain for your village?

If it’s grain you need, we only know of one source – the bailiff in Sassau. There might be more, but haven’t discovered them. Keep in mind that prices vary from day to day, so it’s worth checking in several times a week, so you get the lowest price.

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  1. J

    There are quest markers for where to locate the resources, after you build the trader’s place. I personally bought grain in Samopesh for 80 groschen. (There was an option to go lower, but I just accepted in a rush. Whoops.)

  2. J

    i reccomend going to sasau, as OP said, he is normally sat in the guardhouse close to the armorer for me, go to talmberg for the stone, not much difference there, but for a big discount on charcoal go to the charcoal burners camp south of talmberg, these are the burners that were holding ginger, and youm should have helped them by now, so they know the player by name and will have a discount for you- just though some people should know, as it will also save a manhunt for burners if the player doesnt remember the technique to finding them.

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