Kingdom Come Deliverance Horse Armor - Where to find Horse Gear

Horse armor is the gear you can place on your mount in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It includes saddles, bridles, spurs, caparisons and horseshoes. Some of them are only cosmetic, while others expand the capabilities of your horse, letting it carry more, tire less or run faster. They can be bought from horse traders or obtained as quest rewards. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find horse gear in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Horse Armor – Where to find Horse Gear

Where to find horse armor?

You can sometimes receive it for free, but most of the time, you’ll have to buy horse gear from horse traders. They can be found in many of the game’s towns and villages. For example, there’s one in Neuhoff with quite a large inventory. Her name is Zora, and you can find her by the bonfire near the entrance during the day.

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She offers a wide variety of horse gear, including:

  • Spurs – increase horse control (if you shell out a bit more, they can also influence your charisma)
  • Bridles – increase horse control
  • Caparisons – purely visual
  • Saddles – increase carrying capacity via saddlebags
  • Horseshoes – increase the speed of galloping, trotting and cantering

Horse head armor

Horse head armor can be found east of Ledetchko on a cliff. You’ll see a huge nest with a dead horse and a chicken. Chanfron and criniere have a Stub, Slash and Blunt defense, while Noble bridle is purely visual (thanks Blodgarn).
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  1. H

    Can’t find the horse armor…

    1. S

      Same. I found all the secret spots and no warhorse armor 🙁

  2. A
    Aakash Priyadarshi

    Where are body and head armour for the horse ?

    1. G

      Honestly, I thought you were messing around, but then I found this.. birdnest with a dead horse and chicken on the location you showed. Bit dangerous to get there. Thank you !

  3. P

    Caparisons are not just visual, it gives bit of protection aswell

  4. H

    Yeah, I almost died trying to get there. I couldn’t find a trail or somewhere safer to get to it. Are you to aim at, and shoot it down. I didn’t think of UNTIL after the fact.

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