Kingdom Come Deliverance Aquarius Quest - How to Assign Jobs

Aquarius is one of the quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You can start it by talking to the bailiff in Rattay. He’ll tell you about the Skalitz refugees looking for work, and it will be up to you to find them all suitable jobs. Those who are happy with your decision will reward you, and there’s no way to fail the quest. However, there’s only one combination that will make the bailiff happy. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Kingdom Come Deliverance Aquarius quest.

kingdom come deliverance aquarius quest assing jobs
Kingdom Come Deliverance Aquarius Quest – How to Assign Jobs

How to assign carrier jobs?

You’ll need to talk to the refugees, see who needs work the most, and who’s most fitting for the positions that are being advertised. Whoever you choose, you won’t fail the quest. However, you’ll get rewards from each person you put in a position they like. Additionally, we’ve found only one combination that suits the bailiff – if you pick any other, he gets angry with you, potentially locking you out of later quests. Here’s what we did to make the bailiff happy:

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  • Rock empties latrines
  • Antonia empties latrines
  • Vincent carries water
  • Pickman carries water
  • Tonda carries water

Kornelius will be out of a job, but he’s better off than most. The bailiff will be satisfied, and you’ll get a piece of Sheeba’s blade from Pickman. It sounds like a worthless trinket, but it might have a role to play later in the game.

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  1. P

    I completed the quest but havent got rewards from the workers…do i need to speak to them after if so where do i find them

    1. M

      I found them all sleeping a couple of game days later (I gave time for the Bailiff to call them in and set them their tasks) at the refugee camp just inside the Rattay Lower gate, (right side as you go in). I just sat and skipped time an hour at a time till they woke up.

  2. F

    Check around town if they are begging or sleeping in the refugee area friend.

    1. D

      Why are they begging after they got a job. Jeez 😉

  3. D

    My guess is they beg for a little extra money 😛

  4. J

    Pickman can be found just north east of the pillory in Rattay, begging on the side of the road. Rock can be found begging closer to the south entrance to Rattay. Not sure about the others.

  5. J

    who should be the cook?

  6. M

    agnes she at the church in rattay,jus have to lie or find her current employer

  7. M

    As well as the trinket (Queen of Sheba sword piece that goes into your Quest Item tab) from Pickman you can get some training experience in Warfare and Unarmed combat from Rock and some reputation from talking to Antonia and giving her 60 Groschen for her husbands medical and a potion for her strength (Bivoj’s Rage Potion)

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