Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Craft Savior Schnapps Save Potion

Savior Schnapps in Kingdom Come Deliverance is a potion you can use to save your game. It’s rare to find, but you can craft it with an alchemy bench. However, you can’t read the recipe if you don’t put in the effort to become literate. To help you out and save some time, here’s how to craft Savior Schnapps save potion in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Craft Savior Schnapps Save Potion
Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Craft Savior Schnapps Save Potion

Savior Schnapps – How to Make Save Potion in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

To make the Savior Schnapps save potion, you first have to locate an Alchemy Bench. You’ll find a book of recipes there, which you can’t read unless you’re literate. Of course, I’m sure many of you won’t care too much about going through that. Besides, you want to be able to craft the Savior Schnapps as soon as possible. In case you don’t wan’t to waste time learning to read, here’s how to craft Savior Schnapps in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Recipe for Savior Schnapps Save Potion

The ingredients for Savior Schnapps are Wine, one handful of Nettles, and two handfuls of Belladonna. You can’t just throw them into the cauldron willy-nilly, of course; there’s a series of steps you have to follow, and here’s how it goes.

  1. Pour the wine into the cauldron.
  2. Add one handful of nettles.
  3. Work the bellows until you have a nice fire going and the mixture starts to bubble. Take the sandglass and turn it once, then one more time when the sand runs out. Keep the fire going with the bellows.
  4. When the sand runs out the second time, take two handfuls of belladonna and put them into the mortar, then grind it all up. Put the ground belladonna into the cauldron.
  5. Work the bellows and boil the mixture for one turn of the sandglass.
  6. Take one of the phials next to the cauldron (under the spirits). Pour the mixture from the cauldron into the phial. Boom, you now have Savior Schnapps.

Savior Schnapps is a very handy way of saving the game on the go. It does come with a catch, though. Even if you can craft a bunch of them, you should still use it sparingly. That’s not just because Savior Schnapps is fairly rare to find. It’s because it’s alcohol, and using it too much will turn you into a drunkard. So, be careful and don’t save spam.

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